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Sep 24, 2009 01:07 PM

Where to buy espresso maching descaling solution in DC (NOVA) OFFICE NEEDS HELP

I work in Rosslyn for a clean tech startup, and we aren't able to work because our automatic espresso machine is unable to brew our delicious stumptown espresso for us and we're forced to go to starbucks because it needs to be descaled.

Does anyone know where to buy descaling solution in DC or NOVA? We can't wait another day for online shipping.


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  1. When you make one of your emergency Starbucks runs, check to see if they have it. They used to carry it - small packets, over on the shelf with the coffee makers and cups.

    But you'll feel much more clever and save some money if you go to a grocery store and buy some sour salt (citric acit).I found a reasonable sized bottle in the kosher section of Safeway. Or you can buy a 10 pound bag at a brewer's supply store. Mix a tablespoon with 2 cups of water and follow the descaling instructions for your machine. There's usually a couple of cycles, and letting the hot water with the citric acid sit in the boiler for about 15 minutes.

    Don't forget to flush it out thoroughly with clean water after you're through with the descaling. Othewise your coffee will taste like orange juice gone bad.

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