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Sep 24, 2009 01:01 PM

NYC To Nassau?

Anyone notice the small, though notable, NYC additions to the Nassau scene? I, for one, am quite excited, but what do you think is prompting this? Here's just a few places.

1) Luzzo's in Westvury
2) Trata in Roslyn
3) Sripraphai Williston Park
4) Crumbs in Woodbury
5) Ethos in Great Neck

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  1. whatsd prompting it is people want to make $$$$$,

    1. This is excellent. Little by little we will get out of the 1980's. While I find there are some great places out here if you try really hard - it is generally frustrating. We have about 5 places that we frequent in Nassau – now that we are going to Huntington more, we are broadening our favorites - albeit slowly.

      I have not tried any of the places you mentioned (except Sriprathai) - but I will.

      I can't wait for Sriprathai – it is 5 minutes from us.

      1. Do you know if Luzzo's opened yet?

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        1. re: synergy

          Clled them - next "ed" ...but call first.

          1. re: synergy

            As of this past Mon. Nice looking inside.

            Went in to get menu, ordered some nice strawberry gelato for daughter. 5 flavors change daily, While waiting, Mr. Luzzo and father brought over 2 nutella zeppoles...excellent. Bartender gave me a slice of his own pie...very nice sausage pie...good sauce, crisp crust, excellent sausage.

            Will be going there for a "real" meal soon.

            1. re: GCGuy

              GCGuy, nice visit. and great sampling...was the crust thin?

              1. re: synergy

                Went last week - loved it - note - the pizza is TRUE Neopoletana style - the buffala mozzarella and the tomatoes are a bit watery - so the resulting crust is not crispy. I read this is exactly how it is in Naples (Naples at Table book).....Wines are terrific.

                1. re: synergy

                  The prosciutto, arugula pie was excellent, crisp. No buff mozz, though. Buff was not bad either, really.

                  GREAT fried dough/meatball app. Also, excellent baked stuffed artichoke app.

                  1. re: GCGuy

                    I will try the aforementioned next time we go.

            2. Just heard from a friend that this new place in Hicksville is over the top good - and BYOB! Indian/Thai


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              1. re: Roslynjohn

                Not all that new

                still meaning to give it a try, though. I wish they were open on Mondays, which would be my best day to get there.

                1. re: Scott_R

                  Nice review - I can't wait to try! Thanks for posting it.