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Sep 24, 2009 12:57 PM

Looking for a deal near Michgan Avenue on 10/3

Lot's of chains (Mortons, McCormick/schmicks, etc) are featuring some nice deals in their restaurants these days...I was wondering if any CHers knew of any dinner deals available in local restaurants in the river north/streeterville area?? I'm willing to try just about any cuisine, but I'm not looking to go formal (no jacket) otherwise any suggestions would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. If you go to Metromix (, on their Restaurant page, there is a calendar of deals for every day of the week. See if there's anything interesting. For a Saturday, there probably is not a whole lot, but who knows?

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    1. re: ms. chow

      Appreciate the info...I forgot that I'm actually there on FRiday night...I'll check it out though...

    2. 1) Google the name of the restaurant plus the word "coupon"---several websites offer printable coupons for Chicago restaurants. 2) Buca di Beppo had a $10 coupon in the Tribune last Sunday and has a printable one as described above. 3) A local deal is Fogo de Chao for weekday lunch---half-price, excellent meat and salad bar ad lib. 4) Reza's (River North in the 400 block of West Ontario---it's Persian) has lunch deals, brunch. deals, all kinds of deals.

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        Again, excellent advice...I'll try that with a few places that I was thinking of...

      2. Cafe Des Architects in the Sofitel hotel is offering a seasonal menu of app, entree, dessert for $42. I went yesterday for business and it was very good! Ahi Tuna app and the halibut were cooked perfectly. The salted caramel chocolate dessert was too one note in the chocolate profile so that was the only dud.