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Sep 24, 2009 12:41 PM

36th Anniversary weekend in Philadelphia

We're taking the train on Friday, October 2 and staying downtown for the weekend, so no car means no suburbs.

Where to eat Friday night and three times on Saturday?

We are foodies, but not fanatics. We will trade a good meal in a quiet room for a great meal in a noisy one without hesitation.

We are partial to fois gras, barbecued pork (Memphis style), sweetbreads, ner nom tok, chile verde, South African sauvignon blanc, peppermint ice cream, onion rings, rabbit ragu, ma po tofu, bacon blue cheese burgers, osso buco, porter, citrus salads, California reds, and soft-shelled crabs.

One of us loves seafood, the other not so much. One loves aged rum, the other not so much.

Not that it's likely to be an issue these days, but anywhere within whiffing distance of tobacco smoke is utterly undesirable.

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  1. You can try the new chef / owner at Marigold It's a really excellent and fun experience without the huge tab (philly's becoming more and more expensive). And for a byob it's on the quieter side and unpretentious. just take a cab from center city ... it's in west philly at 45th and Larchwood in a beautiful, electic victorian neighborhood. There is also zahav, the new sansom street oyster house and for brunch, farmicia in old city.

    1. Your food list made me hungry! :)

      Some places I'd recommend for dinner:
      Osteria, - you can easily take a cab or subway from downtown to Osteria that's just a little north on Broad Street. It's Marc Vetri's "step down" restaurant from his first, Vetri

      Another delicious dinner option - Meme, it is a byob (are you familiar with Philly's abundance of byo restaurants?) and located at 22 and Spruce.

      A place recently opened that may fit your needs - perhaps lunch or dinner is Village Whiskey on 20th and Sansom. This is a Jose Garces place (one of our top chefs) and the burgers are pretty fabulous along with the duck fat french fries served with Sly Fox Cheddar sauce...yum!

      For any kind of "ice cream" or after dinner treat I'd push you towards Capogiro Gelato (a few locations but one is directly across from Village Whiskey) and tends to be a fave for almost all Philly residents -

      Good wine bars where you can also get some good olives, cheeses, snacks etc - Tria at 18th and Sansom or Vintage at 13th and Sansom...both are nice to pop in, have a glass or two, some snacks, etc.

      Have fun!!

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        All great restaurants. Meme isn't BYO, though I think they may do no corkage fee one night during the week.

        If you aren't from the area, definitely stop into Reading Terminal Marker for lunch on Saturday.

      2. Hmm... Three helpful folks. Much appreciated. Now, no one else have suggestions?

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          I think the absolute best Ma Po Tofu is to be had at Ocean City in Chinatown. They serve from morning to late night, so it could be a brunch (with Dim Sum of course), Lunch or Dinner or Late night snack item.
          I think you should think about Fork for one of your meals as well.