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Sep 24, 2009 12:34 PM

Cucumber cocktail?

First trip to San Fran coming up in a couple weeks and am looking forward to some handcrafted cocktails. Can anyone suggest a good cucumber cocktail locale? Aziza, I'm guessing? Any others, especially in the downtown area? Thanks.

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  1. Yes. Definitely Aziza.
    Though my favorite is the one with Cachaca cardamom, and tarragon.

    1. The Orbit Room on Market and Laguna has some cucumber recipes for drinks. They are very centrally located, Aziza is a more beautiful space. Both charge about $10 for a crafted cocktail.

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      1. re: saffrongold

        The Orbit Room lost the bartender who was really interested in crafting good, seasonal drinks. I haven't been since he left; maybe someone else is carrying on. But when that bartender wasn't there I had some of the sorriest excuses for cocktails I've ever had, even though the menu descriptions sounded good.

        1. re: Pistou

          Good to know, thanks for the caveat.

      2. If you cross the Bay Bridge you'll find a nice one at A Cote. El Pepino--Muddled Cucumber and Miller’s Gin, slightly sweetened, and a splash of Cranberry Juice--10.00

        1. I know Bourbon & Branch had a Cucumber Gimlet on the menu a whlie back. It was delish!

          Bourbon & Branch
          501 Jones St, San Francisco, CA

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          1. re: meggie t

            T-Rex has a couple of cocktails with cucumber, including a really tasty one with cucumber infused vodka, which is only $5 at the happy hour.

          2. Rickhouse is the new bar from the Bourbon & Branch folks - they make a great drink called the Campos Cooler that is made with Cucumber infused tequila.

            It's a popular spot right now and can be pretty crazy on the weekends so I would try and go off hours (ideally early in the week)

            Rickhouse Bar
            246 Kearny St, San Francisco, CA

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            1. re: tvham

              Seconding the cucumber cocktail at Aziza, and you can keep it green by following with the cilantro one which was also very tasty :-).