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Sep 24, 2009 12:27 PM

Longhorn Steak House Hamilton Marketplace on 130 [moved from Mid-Atlantic board]

Anyone been?

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  1. I know I’ll draw the wrath of the “anti-chain” folks, but I really like the food that I’ve had at the Longhorn’s in Hamilton Marketplace. I’ve had lunch there many times and a few dinners. I’ve particularly enjoyed the 7-pepper sirloin salad, Flo’s filet, and the chop steak with Bordelaise sauce. The food has always been well prepared and certainly a good value.

    1. Been there a couple of times when I get a craving for chicken tenders. The filet mignon there is not very tasty, but then, this place is not a fine dining steak house. Fun apps are the Texas Tonions and the Western Cheese Fries. The cheesecake makes a nice dessert.

      1. All the time. From what I've read on the chains board, it is one of the better Longhorns. The waitstaff are fairly efficient, friendly. They accommodate you as much as possible. I like the cowboy steak, which has a rub on it. The house salad is also nicer than you get at many places. The brownie sundae, however, I have noticed has declined in quality over the last couple years. I think they changed the brownies they use or something. But in the end, it's a far nicer atmosphere than Outback, and I like the overall food better.

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          I've always avoided this chain. But my son asked to go to the one in Freehold last Sunday and I agreed to try it. I was very pleasantly surprised. I had the Chicken Sierra with rice and vegetables and it was very good. Two fairly succulent breasts garnished with chopped tomato topping. Large enough to bring the second one home. I will definitely go back and try the burger next time.

        2. I'm another fan of this chain....good value & very good service. I'd go here anyday over Outback.

          We moved to East Central FL & I was having trouble finding a "killer-burger" until I tried Longhorn's bacon cheddar version. They cook it to order & you can get with or without any of the other optional toppings they offer. It's a little pricey, but I think it's well worth it.