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Sep 24, 2009 11:49 AM

Best Bialys in Brooklyn?

I'm doing a long weekend with my family next month and we'll be based around Bensonhurst. Bialys can't be found in Mass. and I want to come home with a supply of great ones. I've heard about bialy rolls, too. Where can I find these?

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  1. There's a well known bialy and bagel bakery on Coney Island Ave just north of Ave U (in Gravesend right near Bensonhurst). They've been around since the '20s. I like their bialys a lot, and so do many other people. I haven't sampled enough other examples to call theirs the best in Brooklyn, but they're pretty great in my opinion. Not quite Kossar's, but delicious nonetheless.

    Then there are other folks who swear by Bell Bialys in Canarsie, but I've yet to try those.

    1. Go to Kossar's on Grand Street in lower Manhattan. It's in a class by itself. They also make small and large onion disks that are ambrosial, plus very good bagels.

      Bagel Hole on Coney Island Avenue at Avenue K makes excellent bagels and braided bagel dough rolls. Their bialys are only decent, though.

      An unrelated Bagel Hole on 7th Avenue and 12th Street in Brooklyn makes excellent bagels and usually has a stock of Kossar bialys, but they're not as fresh as at the source.

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        yes bagel hole, bagels indeed are good

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          Yeah, that's the place I meant in my post above (the bakery on CIA in Gravesend). Their bialys are really good! And as I also noted above, it's true they're not Kossar's, but if you'll be in Bensonhurst, it'll be a lot easier to stay in Brooklyn and cruise over to the neighborhood next door rather than schlep to the Lower East Side.

          That said, if you can stop by both places and report back with a taste comparison, no one's going to complain!

        2. Brooklyn Bread Company in Carroll Gardens (havent been to the one in Park Slope) makes an excellent Bialy.

          1. We wound up getting bialys from the Brooklyn Bread Co. in Carroll Gardens (only 2 to try) but then we went to a place on King's Highway between 15th/16th to pick up a supply to haul back to MA. Good stuff. We looked for pletzels or bialy rolls, but most people told us they don't make them any more.

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              On your next Brooklyn excursion, try picking up a couple of sleeves from Friedman's Kosher Grocery on 13th Avenue and 40th Street or likely any large Kosher supermarket - they sell BELL'S Bialys which are, IMO, superior to the beloved Kossar's these days. They freeze quite well.

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                Don't forget to always slice your bialys and bagels BEFORE freezing!

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                  Right you are!...and did just that with our recent "haul from Montreal" (St. V.'s & Fairmount's).

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                    Why is this? That's the first time I've heard that.