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Sep 24, 2009 11:25 AM

Very special dinner in San Diego Area?

I want to take someone to dinner at someplace very special in the San Diego area. It should be somewhat dressy, serve delicious American or French cuisine, and be quiet enough for good conversation. Cost is not an issue. I am considering Addison's at the Grand Del Mar, Mille Fleurs in Rancho Santa Fe, and Mr. A's downtown. I have not read anything recently about any of these three, and would appreciate feedback about recent visits. Where would you of these three, or somewhere else?

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  1. Mr. A's has a great view of the city, but in my experience the food is not as great as some other restaurants of its tier. I've only been to Mille Fleurs during Restaurant Week, and I've never been to Addison's so I'll refrain from judging these two.

    You should look into The Winesellar & Brasserie in Mira Mesa. The bottom floor is a wine shop and the top floor is an intimate restaurant with an extensive wine list and excellent French cuisine. The caveat here is that it's in the middle of a not-so-spectacular area. In fact, it's kind of hard to find as it's located in the back lot amidst a bunch of office buildings.

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      Winesellar and Brasserie is nice, I've been there myself. Honestly, because of the location and ambiance, it's not special enough for this occasion. Thanks for the comment re Mr. A's.

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        Yeah, if only the location and ambiance were good, Winesellar and Brasserie would be a great restaurant.

    2. Knowing how you roll josephnl, I would dine at Addison's at the Grand Del Mar..
      The food and ambience are lovely.
      I enjoy Mille Fleurs simply for the fact that I can go in and have a lovely meal and for me, is like dining in someones home in Provence...haven't been for several years.
      Mister A's which is Bertrand Hugs other restaurant which has merit but feel that Addison's would be the perfect venue.
      Grant Grill at the US Grant Grill or the Marine Room at LJBTC would work as well.
      Can count on one hand restaurants that fit within your parameter in SD..
      Best to you and keep us posted!

      1. I have not been to MF in several years, but was talking to a local foodie who went there last week and they were very disappointed in every aspect of their experience there.

        1. I think if you expect anything close to some of the restaurants you experienced in LA you will be disappointed in SD. I haven't been to Addison yet (the reviews and menus so far don't really look that good (espcially for that price.). I recently had a nice dinner (tasting menu, not on the menu but we asked the chef before going there if he could crrate one for us) at Georges at the Cove which was really good and it might be something for you.
          BTW, how was your dinner at BistroLQ (I will be there this weekend) ?

          1. Given your criteria ("very special" "quiet" delicious cuisine" "price no object") there is really only one choice: Addison.