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Sep 24, 2009 11:16 AM

Places for Sunday Brunch/Wine Tastings in/around Ojai?

Hey there,

LA hound heading up to Ojai for a run event next weekend, and wanted to spend time in the neighborhood afterwards for a brunch and possibly tasting wines at some local wineries. Found a few interesting spots from searching the boards but wanted to see if there are any new and notables that's worth a check-out.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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  1. It's been a number of years since I've been up there (my grandmother used to live in Ojai), however I remember the Sunday brunch at the golf course being decent (Sole park? or something of the sort). When you speak of wine tasting, are you speaking specifically in Ojai...or perhaps heading into Santa Ynez or Solvang?

    1. If you want to call their seasonal, scrumptuous strawberry shortcake "brunch", you won't do better than funky Boccali's in Ojai, on the road out of town in the country side setting:

      This coming Saturday 9/26 is their Tomato Fest and Wine Tasting special, so they do like to show off local wines. I have not been to their Oakview location and am recommending only their other one where the Festival is held.

      1. Thanks for reply so far . . . as for distance, I wouldn't mind going 30 miles outside of Ojai proper for a tasty enough bite. Alas, I'll probably scrap the wine tasting part of it, since I found out I'm going to a wine fest later that day when I return to LA.


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          An interesting drive is the back road to Santa Paula from Ojai and the historic Glen Tavern Hotel there, or funky Hozy's which does do breakfasts as well as lunch and dinners:

          Glen Tavern serves a Sunday brunch.

          Hozy's serves Sunday breakfast until 2:30 so that would be a brunch too: