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Sep 24, 2009 11:11 AM

athens ohio

On a college visit with foodie son...any recs for dinner in Athens Ohio or any good stop between Columbus and Athens? Thanks

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  1. You must go to Casa Nueva! It was my favorite restaurant when I was I was a student in Athens and I would/have driven across the state to eat at Casa. The food is new Mexican, although they have nightly specials that explore different cuisines. There is a strong emphasis on using local farms and ingredients. Check out the menu on their website:

    If you just walk around and talk to people, you'll find that Athens has lots of great food. I think your foodie son will really enjoy his visit there.

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      And one more. O'Betty's Red Hot! had just opened when I graduated in 2003, but it looks like they are still going strong. Not fancy food, but perfect for lunch on the go. Menu at:

    2. Here's a thread about some places between Columbus and Athens. You're going to be driving through some of the best scenery in the state.

      1. How far are you willing to go? If you are going for a drive in the Hocking Hills, the Inn at Cedar Falls and Grouse Nest Inn have some pretty good food, those two I would consider "foodie". This is not fancy, but Jack's Steakhouse off Rt. 33 at Logan has some red meat & potatoes grub. The Amish buffet (Olde Dutch Restaurant) is an all-you-can-eat buffet that is semi-decent. I wouldn't say this was gourmet. Shaw's Restaurant in Lancaster, Ohio is another option - haven't been there in a while but the food used to be pretty good. The chef I knew, Tom Johnson, won all sorts of awards, but he has moved on.

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          Am wondering if folks had thoughts on Miller's Chicken or Jana's Soul Food Restaurant. Any and all input appreciated!

        2. thank you all...we just have 24 hrs, so casa nueva when we get there sun eve, breakfast somewhere and then grab a few dogs at obetty's to eat on drive back to the airport!

          1. Stopped through athens for the first time recently while visiting a friend who had moved there - suprisingly quaint and foodie-friendly for small town ohio. the casa nueva rec seems to be a good one, there is also a place across from campus that sells frozen custard which was very tasty and a Mediterranean place we tried with solid home cooked food and veggie options (said friend i was visiting is a quasi vegan). for your breakfast, consider a trip out to jana's in eclipse, just about 5 minutes towards columbus on 33 - its a down home breakfast spot in a converted house in eclipse, once a company-owned mining town now home to a couple of businesses just outside athens.

            depending on where you are driving from/to apparently the part of west va between parkersburg and morgantown is known for something called a pepperoni roll. got several recommendations when i posted a request for things to snack on on our ride out of athens. the place we were told to stop is closed sundays/mondays, so no word on how they were/are.

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              thank you nueva was a delight...funky ,friendly, local ingredients well explained and well cooked and good heat in the spicy dishes...
              obetty's is a don't miss...hole in the wall, fabulously weird hot dog combos that somehow work...a little embarrassed to say after we each ate one dog, we went and each ordered another! fries not bad, either,,,
              and yes, Athens was a pleasant surprise on the foodie front