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Where do vegetarians like to eat on the North Shore?

NSDishGal Sep 24, 2009 10:02 AM

While not a vegetarian, I have noticed lately while dining out that several of the more fine dining / upscale restaurants on the North Shore don't seem to offer much where vegetarian options are concerned. I was woefully uninformed on the subject until a Twitter pal put a bug in my ear about it, and now it's something I've been keeping an eye out for. He mentioned Grapevine and Passage to India in Salem, and Celito Lindo in Beverly are his faves.

Anyone else? For a weekly dinner out, or a nice meal, where are the vegetarian go-to places on the North Shore?


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  1. drewinmrblhd RE: NSDishGal Sep 24, 2009 01:37 PM

    Wrapture in Beverly on Cabot street is awesome for vegetarians. Always a great selection of non meat items. I also feel Celito Lindo in Beverly is also vegatarian friendly, they make a fantastic vegetable burrito that is huge! I have tried the vegan place in Beverly and found it to be hit or miss. My favorite place for a hummus roll up is Sole Bean in Middleton on 114. The hummus is made in house and the veggies are always fresh. They also have a juice bar for smoothies and wheat grass. Smoothies for some reason are becoming harder and harder to find a good one. The west coast is spoiled with great smoothy bars. On the east coast, the tend to add soft serve ice cream or milk. I prefer fresh fruit and ice, made some soy milk. I remember a fantastic smoothie place in Marblehead at the village plaze that closed . I really miss her smoothies. I think it was called Jomba juice bar?

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