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Sep 24, 2009 09:31 AM

Jessup/Columbia - Sports Bar

We will be staying at the Stay Bridge Suites Sunday evening. Looking for a nearby sports bar that is open for late NFL games. Someplace that has some decent munchies, but full dinner not necessary. Thanks.

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  1. The Green Turtle is probably your best option (that I can think of off hand).

    1. If you want some decent beer give Frisco's a try - several flat screens at the bar, mexican/pub fare

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        I will check both of those out. Have been to Green Turtle(s) before, but not this one. Thanks.

      2. Frisco Grille is an inspired suggestion. If you like craft beers, then it would be a great place to try -- although I would call them to make sure that they're open late on Sunday evenings. (I was going to suggest Eggspectation, but they close at 9 pm.) Frisco's Web site doesn't seem to list hours.

        If you're at the Stay Bridge up near Rte 100, you might see if Victoria Gastropub shows the games in the bar. Not a sports bar, but they have great food and cater to a late-night crowd. I can't picture the bar in enough detail to remember if they have televisions.

        More like the Green Turtle are T-Bonz Grille in Ellicott City and Looney's in Fulton (Maple Lawn). They're both places for munches and a full menu, although I don't think the food is that different from the Green Turtle. Looney's is a scene on NFl weekends with dozens of televisions: and

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        1. PubDog off Dobbin Rd and Champps at Columbia Mall are great places to hang out

          1. You can watch the games over some crabs at Gunnings.


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              The kitchen usually closes around 9 at Gunnings, but they'll keep the bar open for NFL games.