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Halloween bake off

Halloween bake off at work
Whos got the best recipe to share with me?
Proceeds go to charity a Pediatric Outreach Program at the hospital

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  1. There is currently a shortage of canned pumpkin - keep that in mind before deciding what to make, You might want to buy some now if you see any.

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      yes I was reading an article about how poor this pumpkin growing season was, such a shame because it is my most favorite fall flavor.

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        This is the first I heard of this as well - I must check out the canned pumpkin situation at the store tomorrow! Yikes!

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          In most recipes, baked sweet potatoes can be substituted 1:1 for good results.

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            Yes, or roasted winter squash such as acorn or red kuri.

      2. It might help if you narrowed down what you're looking for, eg. cookies, cakes, heated/not, single serving, easy to bake/difficult, etc. Does it have to be a Halloween theme? Fall ingredients?

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          yes it has to be halloween theme, and because its a bake sale i was thinking single serve type items would be best....

        2. You mentioned individual size treats which got me thinking - what about cake pops a la Bakerella? You could make all sorts of fun designs: http://www.bakerella.com/trick-or-tre...

          1. Does it have to be sweet? How about some mummy hotdogs? Use a good hotdog or sausage or kielbasa cut lengthwise and strips of pizza dough. The link below is only for a pictorial suggestion. I would wrap more openly crisscrossed on the body (it's going to swell during baking), even partially over the face, skip the mustard and insert a tiny plug of cheese or black olive after baking for an eye or two.


            Then there are the ever popular witches' finger cookies. Make them savory by using
            a cheese straw recipe, baking with the slivered almond fingernail on. After cooling, mash red food coloring with white cheddar to make blood to glob around the nail. Again, just a visual suggestion with the link below. Sell them by the "handful," five per.


            1. Not sure if Martha Stewart has a special Halloween decorating/cookbook (if not, she should). Certainly there will be lots of ideas and recipes on her website because it is a HUGE deal in Marthaworld. Thinking ghoulishly-decorated cupcakes.

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                Martha Stewart's Halloween edition of the magazine is on newstands now. Among the baked goods are some very cute (and scary) cupcakes. :) Back isses of the Halloween edition as well as a magazine she used to put out called "Good things for Kids" (or something like that) have some awesome Halloween ideas as well, if you can locate any of these.

                There's also a Martha Stewart Halloween book (very cool BTW) that might be available in a local library.


              2. If it's a sale for children, a dish of dirt is really popular. In individual see through plastic cups, you make a brownies trifle w/ layers of brownies and chocolate pudding, adding gummy worms and bugs. Top w/ a layer of crushed oreos. I take a Pepperidge Farm Milano and pip RIP on the top w/ melted chocolate and push into the trifle halfway so it looks like a tombstone. For a bake sale, tape a spoon to the side.

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                  That's a great idea!

                  What happened to your pumpkins? We have loads in the UK apparantly

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                    This is actually the first I've read of it but I'm sad to hear. I love pumpkin.:-(

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                      I saw canned pumpkin for sale at my local grocer for $4.79 for the 24oz tin. I don't remember *ever* having paid nearly $5 for a can of pureed anything...this wasn't the cheapest grocer in town but still - almost $5? crazy.

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                        Also first I've heard of it, will have to have a look when I am shopping next week. Very thankful I at least have two cans in the cupboard at the moment.

                        If you have a mini bundt pan, you can do little pumpkin cakes. We did a bakeoff at my work once, and the fella who won made the full sized version sticking one bundt on top of another (I've definitely seen that one in Martha Stewart) and although I though my dessert was tastier (if I do say so myself, lol!) he won. I was peeved.

                        Here's an example of what I'm talking about - there's loads of variations out there on the web. Must add mini-bundt pan to the "need" list, ha!

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                          Thanks--I missed that thread. I'll have to look the next time in the store. I'm the type to buy w/out checking out the price so this is a good warning for me to be careful. I love pumpkin but not enough to pay $5 a can.

                  2. I copied a recipe here for "Pumpkin Crack" which sounds like a "dump cake". Planning on making it this season if I can find some canned pumpkin. But I guess you'd have to serve portions in cups or something.