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Sep 24, 2009 09:26 AM

Surreal time at Quattro 4 Ragazze

Went to dinner at Q4R on Tuesday night with friends, and had an unbelievable event. Love to know if anyone else has had any of these things occurr! First of all, I do realize it's a casual family run place, but please!
Got to the restaurant about 7:00 pm,there were 4 other people there. A very young and very casual young women came to serve us(perhaps a daughter/) We ordered drinks, a cranberry juice, a gingerale and an Italian beer Server came back and plopped an unopened plastic bottle of cranberry and an unopened can of gingerale on the table! When asked for glasses she responded with an incredulous"You want glasses?". When the beer orderer mentioned his glass was chipped, we again got the surprised"you want a new glass?" This was to be the theme of the evening. While we waited for our food, there seemed to be an ongoing argument with someone in the kitchen. At one point this person came out and our waitress was yelling at him "stop crying, don't cry!" By now ,2 or three more people had arrived and were on the patio. We noticed everyone but us was getting bread. When our food finally arrived and we asked for bread, you guessed it "You want bread?" As to the food ,meh. Overly salty Pasta Putanesca, overly salty Penne with Vodka, and undercooked eggplant in the Eggplant Pannini. Actually by this time we thought it was all hillarious!!!!!!!! I must admit I've lost my credulity with these friends, since it was my suggestion to go there.
Is this a total abberation, or has anyone else run into problems here?

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  1. Yes, it is hyper casual and yes, their daughters do sometimes wait table and aren't exactly pros. However, I have never had an experience quite like that one. The food, for what it is, has always been properly seasoned and cooked, and has always tasted good. The service has sometimes required shouting into the kitchen, but hasn't been overtly rude.

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      My experiences can be described in the same way. Their puttanesca used to be too salty, but it has gotten much better (this was over a year ago when I commented on the saline levels in it). Otherwise, I've never had a problem with undercooking or seasoning.

    2. I've been wanting to try them out for over 2 years now but your review isn't making me feel like rushiing over! You should have ordered some wine, I wonder if they would serve that in glasses or give you a piece of paper to fold into a "glass". Or maybe just swig it out of the bottle?

      1. I have only been once and that will be my last time. Service extremely slow and we were the only table there. I thought the food was less them medicore. Never ever again.

        1. I went there once a little while after it appeared on RM. I had a similar impression towards both the food and service and I have no interest in returning.

          1. I had a reasonable meal and service. I would (and will) return based on that experience. My only problem is that it battles with Bistro Camino in my head, and BC usually wins the tussle.

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              Funny because I went to Bistro Camino last night!!! We always get fantastic service and great food. It's also a family run restaurant, but there is absolutely no comparison!

              1. re: Leslieville

                Right you are about that. Quattro Ragazze wins out when it's late; they tend to be open later than other local restaurants.

                I can imagine such a thing happening there; I sometimes feel as though I'm in their home, rather than in a restaurant, with the pre-teen daughter serving me, other family members dropping by, and casual conversations going on between owners and their friends/family who appear to be hanging out. However, I do think the husband is a very good cook for a family-run restaurant (don't know what happened to your food, but a crying cook isn't going to produce his finest creations). One can overlook the lack of glasses, etc., but customers should never be subjected to histrionics.

                I have to say I have never had problems with my food there. Shame that you did.