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Sep 24, 2009 08:52 AM

Share your unexpected deliciousness

I bought a large box of nectarines last week at the farmers market, and canned a bunch of them - among other preparations - in a light sugar syrup (2 cups sugar to 6 cups water). Just on a whim, I tossed a star anise into one of the jars.

The resulting nectarine/anise simple syrup is so delicious - so subtly perfumed with both flavors, that it is almost better than the canned fruit itself. I've been enjoying it as a spritzer with perrier, or just thinning it with water. Alas, I just finished the jar at breakfast. But now, I'm looking forward to cracking open the next jar, into which I threw a cinnamon stick.

Did you cook anything recently that was unexpectedly delicious?

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  1. Yes, just last night! I bought a bunch of chantarelle mushrooms at the store because they're very inexpensive here. I also bought a package of regular old "normal" mushroom, and planned to cook them all with some butter and shallots, according to an Ina Garten recipe.
    But then I had the idea of throwing them on a puff pastry.
    So I made the cooked mushroom mixture, rolled out the pastry, put a thin layer of mascarpone cheese and herbs on it, topped it with mushrooms, turned the edges of the pastry over, and baked it.

    I expected it to be pretty ho-hum, but my husband and I were amazed at how the very simple flavors tasted together, and the texture of the meaty chantarelles with the flaky pastry... unexpectedly good! We're making it again this weekend.

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      Sounds delicious. I would make that with button and shiitake mushrooms, since chanterelles were $40/lb last time I saw them!