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Bay Ridge Butchers???

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Does anyone know of any great butcher shops in Bay Ridge? Looking for one of those old time know your name kind of butchers....Any suggestions?

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  1. I was going to this one butcher in the 70's and Ft Hamilton Pkwy for a while. Yore Meat Market--the sign on the store says Lindburgh meat market. Not bad, really old school. I mostly use Frank & Eddie's on 3rd and 75th because they're closer to me, they're more deli than butcher though.

    1. I am not sure if they are great but the one on 3rd and 86th gets a lot of praise

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        Hellas, a Greek specialty store on 87th and 4th, has an excellent butcher.

      2. I go to the Turkish Halal store on Fifith ave @ 80 street. It is very clean
        which is a priority, also everything I have bought from there is fresh.

        1. Thanks!!! I've gone to Frank & Eddie's as well and nothing really there that I couldn't get at a super market....I've seen the Turkish Hala Store on 80th and 5th and never stopped in...I guess I have to make it my business to try it.

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