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Sep 24, 2009 07:30 AM


looking to make pulled pork this weekend,any good sugestions for the bbq. I know i need a boston pork but, should I wrap the but in foil while cooking...thks for any help..

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  1. You are talking to a back yard pro here. Do you need a place to buy the roast? Costco sells a 2 pack boneless. Some people like the bone-in roast. If that's you, Harris Teeter is the place.

    As for the cook, what rig do you have? Should be charcoal grill or ideally a smoker. Let me give you a few tips: Let the roast sit out at room temp before you put on grill. Rub it down with yellow French's mustard. Apply a bbq rub all over it after that. More rub the better to achieve the dark, crusty layer we call bark. Get your cooker up to 200. You want to cook this at a temp of bet. 225-250 until internal temp reaches 190. At that temp, pull it off and wrap in heavy-duty foil and place in a cooler for as long as you need to before serving. It will fall apart when you open that foil and easily pul. You should use apple wood or hickory and smoke for a few hours in the beginning. One of the errors back yard grillers make is smoking too long. That meat will absorb all the smoky goodness and then be done. In other words, it can't take anymore smoke so why keep trying for hours? It's just too much. Steady temp and not opening that grill lid is key to success. Leave it alone but babysit that fire. Temp. flucuations are a killer. Good luck!

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      I can get my roast at Trueths Meats in Ellicott City and i have a very large smoker as far as the bbq rub, should i make my own or buy a store bought rub? With the temp between 225-250 on average how long before it reaches 190?? Do you have a good bbq recipe to add to the pulled meat? Where in baltimore can you buy apple wood? Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.... Thanks for all the help....

      1. re: timblebees

        Bass Pro Shop is actually a great source for smoking woods. The length of time is really going to depend on the size of the roast, the important thing is to leave plenty of extra time. Just remember, low and slow, pretty much the complete opposite mantra than pit beef and grilled chicken wings, which I know you have some experience with.

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          I would budget 12 hours. For dinner, I often have to start my process in the 6AM range. You can certainly make your own rub,but store bought I would check Cost Plue World Market or any specialty food store. As far a bbq recipe, I don't know what you're referring to. KC Masterpiece is always good for sauce as well as Cattleman's.
          Applewood is available at Sears, Lowe's or any Ace or True Value hardware store.

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            some people make there own bbq insted of bottled bbq. KCMasterpiece I do use on a regular basis with a little doctoring up. Mcormick makes a bbq dry rub..And many thanks to both of you for the great input, I will post how things turn out after this weekend.. thanks again....

            1. re: timblebees

              Right, why spend 12 hours smoking pork, and then smother it with KCMasterpiece? It's really not very good. At least Bull's Eye could be defensible, but KC masterpiece? I usually make a heavy mustard/vinegar based sauce.

          2. re: timblebees

            Typo. I meant to say Cost Plus World Market.

            1. re: jac0077

              Never herd of such a place, are they nation wide???

              1. re: timblebees

                Started many years ago in California and have a few outlets here inside the Dc beltway. If they aren't where you are, you'll have to look around. Many grocery stores are now carrying some rubs. Again, if Harris Teeter is near you, they have a few brands of rub there.

                  1. re: timblebees

                    In California, it's called Cost Plus. Around here, there are World Market stores. On the Virgina side, there's one across from Skyline Plaza and one in Pentagon Row.

            2. If you are going to go to the trouble (and it is well worth the effort) would then flavor it with Frenches yellow mustard, store bought pre ground seasoning and top it off with Cornsyrup base mass produced sauce? Please take a moment do a search for some real BBQ recipes. Do you know what style of pulled pork that you like? My favorite is Western North Carolina (that's the vinegary one). While I am at it Cost co Meat ick.