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Sep 24, 2009 07:27 AM

Downtown daiquiri?

I have developed a passion for classic daiquiris of late, and want to take some friends out for a drink after work today, somewhere on Sherbrooke St. near McGill.

Can anyone recommend a place with the requisite skill set behind the bar? I do not want to be served some slushy concoction, but the real thing.

What about Hotel Le Germain (just struck me as an option)?

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  1. not really downtown, but Assomoir opened a new place in Old-Montreal (close to Aszu restaurant), (On Notre-Dame I think)

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      1. re: upupaway

        The Sofitel is in the area, their bar seems quite popular.

        1. re: upupaway

          L'Assommoir is a bar-resto on Bernard in Mile End. Popular, though not necessarily so with its neighbours.

          1. re: carswell

   old neighbourhood.
            The website is not functional.
            Which side of Park Av?

            1. re: upupaway

              Strange. The link works for me.

              112 Bernard West. South side of the street just west of St-Urbain.

              1. re: carswell

                So very close to Whisky Café (if it still exists).
                I wonder of they do birdbath martinis. Probably not for ten bucks.

                I will probably check out their Notre Dame location.

                Has anyone been and what is the vibe?
                What type of music?

                1. re: upupaway

                  Le Bourgetel used to make good daiquiris; now I'm really dating myself,
                  I was a very very young girl then, lol.........

                  It seems these last few years the frozen drinks are popular, they are nothing like the originals.....