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Sep 24, 2009 05:28 AM

Ed's Chowder House Delivers the Goods

Went to the newly opened Ed's Chowder House on the UWS last evening and had a delightful experience. The room is sophisticated, with well spaced tables and flattering lighting. And the food? Well priced and well prepared. A soon to be signature dish of three chowders (corn, clam, crab) was satisfying and light (not thickened with flour) and an herb encrusted skate with horseradish mashed potatoes and a smattering of jewel-like red and yellow beets was quite flavorful. Service was warm, and the manager even checked in to see how we liked the meal. The (much underserved) Lincoln Center crowd will love this place.

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  1. this place...

    A lot of superlatives...someone's going to think you work for the place.
    Anyway, we ate in the bar this evening and thought the meal was decent. Had the sweet corn chowder, split a red snapper sandwich and had the "spicy" chopped salad with calamari.
    The sweet corn chowder was indeed sweet and loaded with fresh corn. The sandwich was fairly good, although it delivered only about 4 ounces of fish for $13. They did a fine job on the calamari, which was dusted with breading, which was "flavorful."
    Eating in the bar, you will have to deal with people standing around waiting to be seated or waiting to pounce on a vacated seat or table. Music was a bit loud at times. Several manager-looking guys circulated, making sure diners were satisfied. Waitress, clearly new, provided friendly service, but not completely familiar with menu.
    All-in-all, a good alternative to Shun Lee, Gabriels, Picholine and other Lincoln Center stand-bys. You can make a meal of chowders and two apps with a glass of wine for two people for less than $90. In the dining room, adding a main will add $50+ to your tab.
    Nice mix of young and old, plus a handful of out-of-towners staying at the Empire Hotel, including a few with very well-behaved infants.