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Sep 24, 2009 05:27 AM

Great New Fresh Fish Market in St. Petersburg FL!

If you haven't already heard, there is a new fresh fish market in downtown St. Pete. The place is awesome, not only can you purchase fresh local seafood like Grouper, Snapper, Mahi, Shrimp, but they have a Live Lobster Tank filled with Maine Lobsters!!!
We bought a 3lbs of Snow Crab, Ahi Tuna Steaks and Jumbo Sea Scallops and a bag of clams for the BEST FAMILY COOKOUT EVER!!
They also carry STONE CRABS are are taking orders now for the season which begins Oct. 15th...We already put our order in!
This place is cool, they also have a small bistro where you can sit down inside and eat a fresh grouper sandwich or lobster roll! Check them out:
2057 Central Ave, St Pete FL 33705 (DO NOT CONFUSE THIS PLACE WITH THE LITTLE JAMAICAN White and Blue building on the corner of Central & 20th - THE OLD WILD SHRIMP BOX BUILDING)) NOT THEM!!

Island Seafood Market & Bistro is 3 store fronts in from the corner of 21ST AVE & CENTRAL.
They have a YELLOW Building with Fish Flags and Lobster Flags ----
This place is a definite diamond in the rough!!

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