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Sep 24, 2009 04:21 AM

Korean BBQ vs. Daisy May's

No comparison necessary really. Just that Daisy May's cart on 50th and 6th was sold out by 1:20 yesterday so the Bulgogi cart on 49th and 6th was a decent consolation prize.

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  1. As a person who equally divides their time between the delights of Manhattan and the sultry South, when I hear Daisy May's name mentioned, I try to tell people who know BBQ to run away fast. Their dry rubbed ribs are extra dry, their wet ribs are clumpy with congealed sauce that's not even, and frankly doesn't taste that well. The side dishes are OK, but their red eye gravy is not real red eye and should be avoided at all costs. They even manage to blow their advertised sweet tea in the mason jar by putting in about four sprigs of mint, which is a no no in the real South. You might get away with it in Louisville, but.......I had a bit of sticker shock, as for two of us the bill was $68. Frankly, I would be better off getting my BBQ in the South at a chain like Sonny's or Woody's, which has much better food than Daisy May's.

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      Although I like Daisy May's, I have to agree with you about the dry rubbed ribs. The rub is much too dry but even worse, horribly salty!!

      Call me crazy, but I actually like Sonny's.

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        I have not had the ribs at Daisy May's but their chili is unsurpassed in my experience.