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Sep 24, 2009 01:35 AM

inside [Greenwich, London]

We had lunch at 'inside', a restaurant on Greenwich South Street, on Wednesday afternoon. They do a good set lunch deal, £11.95 for 2 courses, £15.95 for 3. The set lunch menu has plenty of options to choose from, about 6 each of starter, main and dessert.

Food is British/European, some dishes with Asian twists, but overall simple and not fussy. Didn't look at the wine list as we didn't want alcohol at lunch. I had beef and red pepper spring rolls with aromatic dipping sauce as a starter, roasted wild halibut with steamed leeks, potato fondant, broad beans and chive veloute for a main and white chocolate chip and hazelnut brownie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce for dessert. The husband had cod and spring onion fishcakes with mustard mayonnaise for his starter, roast chicken leg with sage and onion stuffing, sauteed potatoes and mushrooms for his main and vanilla and praline parfait with cinnamon shortbread and poached peach for dessert. My spring rolls were good, served hot, crisp and not greasy. The beef in it was ground quite finely, I think I would have liked it more if it was more coarsely ground or in slivers. My halibut (£3 supplement) was divine, cooked to perfection so that the flesh fell apart in creamy flakes at the touch of a fork. The chocolate brownie was good but overall the dessert was too sweet for me, if the sauce had been dark chocolate, it might have cut the sweetness and improved the dish. I didn't try any of hubby's dishes, but his fishcakes were good, chicken was a small portion for a grown man but cooked very well and tasty. He loved his parfait dessert.

Service was attentive but not overwhelming. The dishes came out at perfect time intervals, so we didn't feel rushed or weren't kept waiting too long for the next course. The ambience is cool and modern, with piped music set to an appropriately low volume.

We enjoyed our lunch there immensely and would recommend it.

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  1. I live just down the road from this restaurant but have only been to Inside once. Me and my husband found the food to be OK but definitely over priced. I found myself thinking 'this is OK but I think I could cook better at home'. The service was a little slow eg. we weren't ready to order when the waitress came around the first time and it took at least another 15 minutes for her to come to us again. We ended up being in there for about 2 hours for a 2 course meal, meals were slow but drinks came thick and fast!
    I couldn't comment in individual meals as the menu changes regularly.

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      I thought it was solid and better than most places in the restaurant shambles that is greenwich, but nothing worth travelling out the way for. I think there is a fuller review of what I ate elsewhere on this board, but I cant remember.

      I'm still of the opinion that the rivington was amazing with 50% off, but little else is really worth it. that said, i've still not been to the spread eagle (as its quite dear).