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Sep 24, 2009 01:33 AM

Chocolate Crinkles

Can you recommend a good recipe?

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    1. The original (at least I think it's the original!) is still my favorite:

      1. Thanks, I already baked cookies but I have a question because I have never eaten before. It's normal that the coating of sugar around is not very dry, like white powder, as it seems in pictures? I would store them in a box but to contact the sugar dissolves.

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        1. re: cosmopolita

          They should maintain the sugar coating, even on contact. I store them stacked in a Tupperware container and they stay as they are. It seems like yours might be a little moist if the sugar is melting.

          1. re: chowser

            Exactly, the sugar is melting. Maybe because I read these words of Shirley Corriher :"My secret weapon is I roll the dough balls in plain table sugar first," she says. "Then I roll them heavily in powdered sugar, so it stays snow white and really dramatic against the black cookie dough. When you bite in, they're crisp on the surface and gooey and doughy inside." So I used before granulate sugar than powdered sugar, correct?

            The result is not all snow white but grey because the sugar has melted a bit. I hope that is clear

            1. re: cosmopolita

              is the realtive humidity high where you live? That might have a role in the sugar "melting" it's absorbing the moisture from the air.

              Here in coastal California where I live, humidity is usually around 30-40% during the day, more at night, but I do not have a problem with the powdered sugar not staying dry. I store mine in metal cookie tins with a sheet of waxed paper sandwiched under the lid to completely seal the box.

              Don't know if your recipe calls for them, but English walnuts are a 'must' in my recipe!

              1. re: toodie jane

                Thanks for the reply but I am speaking of cookies fresh from the oven. Instead of being white and dry the outside are a little oily because the sugar has melted in the oven.

                1. re: cosmopolita

                  I think you roll them after they come out of the oven

                  1. re: Soop

                    They're crinkle cookies, not mexican wedding cake type cookies so you roll them before.

                    1. re: Soop

                      chowser is right, they get rolled in powdered sugar before baking.

                      It is normal for some of the sugar to get absorbed into the chocolate cookie during baking; some of the photos I've seen seem photoshopped or at least food-styled for the camera, with a very glaring white color to the sugared part. In reality, there is not so much of a contrast in the finished cookie, but it is still enough of a contrast that you can see the cracks and crevasses of the the chocolate dough showing thorugh the sugar.

                      By the way, I put a few drops of water in my palm when rolling the dough--it is so butter-rich it will stick to your the warmth of your hand rather than rolling cleanly. Water does the trick without adding any more fat. Just a
                      few drops, mind you.

                      My mom's original recipe from the 50's calls them PIXIE COOKIES. Anyone else remember that name?

                      1. re: toodie jane

                        For the chocolate snowflake recipe I posted above, the confectioners sugar is a clear contrast to the chocolate cookie, just like the pictures, I was surprised because w/ Mexican sugar cookies, you have to twice coat them sometimes for the sugar to show.

                        1. re: toodie jane

                          Oh thank you. So my cookies are normal. In the photos it seems that the powdered sugar is never absorbed remained dry and snowy white so I thought I had done something wrong. Anyway I followed this recipe with butter:


                  2. re: cosmopolita

                    I trust Shirley Corriher for the most part but I've never rolled the dough in the sugar before the confectioners sugar. I searched online for her recipe--did you do the one w/ the corn syrup and oil? If your cookies were a little oily on the outside, that could make the confectioners sugar dissolve.

                    1. re: chowser

                      This is Shirley Corriher's chocolate crinkle cookie recipe from Bakewise.

                      1. re: toveggiegirl

                        Thanks--that's the one I found on another site, too. I wasn't sure if cosmopolita used that recipe or just the hint on rolling in sugar first. I normally trust Shirley Corriher but it seems that the moist oil and corn syrup might have made cosmopolita's cookies too moist for the confectioners sugar, if that was the recipe she used. But, I haven't made the cookies to know for sure.

                        1. re: toveggiegirl

                          I make a cookie that called a chocolate pixie, and they look like the betty crocker photo, however, my cookies are not "gooey" in the center.
                          You can add walnuts (I don't) but they are a great cookie and disappear fast.

                            1. re: toodie jane

                              Are these different than what the op is talking about? They look the same, and ingredients too.. i think they're one of my favorite cookies. And they last nicely, wonder where this Crinkle name's coming from?

                2. That Betty Crocker recipe is the one I've used for years. I have no problem with the sugar coating. I never roll in granulated sugar first. The cookie dough is chilled overnight, made into balls, and coated in confect. sugar. I've also added mint chocolate chips to the recipe. I believe this site is the same as the other B.C. posted previously.