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Sep 23, 2009 11:47 PM

SF CH coming to Chicago Oct 23-25, 2009 some questions?

I've been doing some research on the board, but still have some questions. I'll be visiting end of Oct and want to know where to eat for $10-20pp near these tourist spots. Will be taking the L & walking everywhere, no car. We're staying at the Sheraton 301 E North Water St - places to eat near there?

-Museum of Science & Industry
-Art Institute -Going for FREE Thurs 5-8p, so want to eat early dinner..Cafecito for Cubano sandwiches..anywhere else?
-Millennium Park
-Willis Tower

How long's the wait at Hot Doug's if I get there before 10:30am. Should I plan for 9:30am or will 10am be ok? Which L train & bus to take?

Which pizza is better: Lou Malnati's or Gino's East?

Any help would be appreciated. Will report back after trip.

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  1. Two restaurants near the Museum of Science and Industry:

    The Medidi is a fairly short walk from the museum. It's a University of Chicago hangout and has a varied menu that includes thin crust bad pan pizza.

    The Cedars of Lebanon is a longer walk (about a mile). It's menu has a good variety of middle eastern food.

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      Piccolo Mondo is practically across the street from S&I. It's a very pleasant modest Italian restaurant that's been up and down over the years, but which, based on a recent lunch, seems to be on an upswing . Try the stuffed gnocchi with red peppers and capers. By the way, you'll probably want to take the #6 bus (pick it up on State St.) to get there.

      By the way, if you like really "full" flavors, try the Choripan at Cafecito, so far my favorite sandwich there.

    2. Hot Doug's might be a little bit of a hike from the places you've listed especially by public trans. I'm not trying to dissuade you if you have your heart set on it. By all means, go if you want, and enjoy it. I'll tell you this tho - if you were my best friend in the world, and if you wanted the creative sausages, I'd say sure, go for it. If you just wanted a "Chicago style hot dog" but had nothing else to do near that area, I'd emphatically try to suggest somewhere else. I'm not saying HD is bad in any way shape or form at all, but for a Chicago Dog, if that's all you want, then well, I don't think I'd put forth a lot of effort to get there.

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        While I'm a staunch fan of Doug's, I'd agree. Not the easiest place to get to by public trans (and for a city that relies on public trans, that's saying a lot), and you could get a regular ol' Chicago dog at Portillo's and be done with it. Doug's is more for the "encased meats" - really wonderful sausages with interesting condiments/toppings.

        HHC - if you do elect to go to Doug's, I've waited as long as 45 minutes just to get in the joint and as short at 15 minutes. I wouldn't get there any earlier than 10:00a., though; it doesn't open until 10:30a. And don't forget, closed on Sunday. Call the CTA for what buses/el to take. 312/836-7000. There's also a trip planner on the CTA website, but it wasn't working a few weeks ago when I tried it.

      2. Agree with everyone on Hot Dougs. It's wonderful, but out of the way and not worth bothering with if all you want is a Chicago-style hot dog. Portillos will do you just fine.

        Re pizza, I know there are huge differences of opinion, but I think Gino's was pretty good 30 years ago and it has gone down hill for years. Not worth it.

        Malnoti's is good. Uno and Due are the originators and, IMO, still the best. Pizzanos is also pretty good.

        1. By Zoo i assume you mean the Lincoln Park Zoo? If you are going during the day on Wednesday or Friday, the Green City market is not far from there.

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          1. re: ms. chow

            Isn't Green City Market on Wednesday and Saturday?

            1. re: Eldon Kreider

              We'll be going to the Lincoln Park Zoo.

              Green City Market is outdoors Wed & Sat 7am-1p from May 6-Oct 31.
              Location: S. end of Lincoln Park between Clark & Stockton

              Anything I should keep my eye out for? Food, what's the best baked goods?
              Market foods? I love honey!

              I'll check it out for sure.

              Green City Market
              1750 N Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60614

              1. re: hhc

                There is some difference between the perveyors on Wednesday and the ones one Saturday.

                Bennison's makes great bread. I think they've won some major awards.
                Floriole is a French baker who does awesome quiches, seasonal bread puddings, sweet and savory galettes and more.
                Very good artisen cheeses
                Fresh (pasteurized, but not homogenized) milks, creams and yogurts
                I think there is honey on Saturday, but not on Wednesday
                And of course lots of fruits and veggies of every variety
                There is a creperie also and chef demonstrations.

            2. re: ms. chow

              Yes Wednesday & Saturday. I apologize for my slip of the finger.