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Sep 23, 2009 07:52 PM

Frank's Soda

I'll be visiting Philadelphia next week and would like to know where I can purchase Frank's Soda either in the Northeast or Center City. I am particularly looking for Frank's black cherry wishniak. I've heard it might be available from stores that sell beer. Anyone know of a specific store?

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  1. I haven't seen Frank's in over 20 years. If they are still in business, they hide it well. Their low budget, 5-second TV ads with the sock puppets were ubiquitous in the 60s and 70s.
    "Is it Frank's? Thanks!"


    1. Frank's Black Cherry Wishniak is now being made in Baltimore and shipped nationwide. It's available on amazon and on taste of You might find it in some store corner stores. It's only in cans, not bottles and it's the only flavor being made.

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        Thanks for the replys. I know for a fact that atleast 3 flavors of Frank's Soda is still made and shipped to specialty stores around the country. Anyone know where it is available in Philadelphia?

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          Not too many answers in this thread... the "stores that sell beer" you mean are likely beer distributors, where they would sell it by the case. I have no idea who sells it, but you may want to try calling Bella Vista Beer Distributor and Society Hill Beverage (phone numbers are on Google). Both stock a wide variety of beer, and if they don't carry Frank's maybe they know a distributor that does.

      2. I might be dreaming this but I thought that Cosi carried Frank's soda. I could be wrong. But check it out, if you are nearby one.

        1. I loved Frank's orange soda

          1. Bell's Beverage in Philly!