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Sep 23, 2009 07:39 PM

Wedding in Newport

I have just gotten engaged and am looking for a place to have my wedding/reception in Newport RI. Has to have great food, and a pretty setting. Planning on a budget, so so place where we can get a lot for a little.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Newport is a beautiful setting for a wedding. My daughter was married last year there. This year Newport has approx. 6,000 weddings booked in different venues. Bring lots of money. The Best of all is Castle Hill.

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    1. re: Frank Terranova

      Lots of nice venues in Newport. Best is Castle Hill Inn. You can rent out RoseCliff thru the Preservation society. There is also Oceancliff resort, Eisenhower Mansion and the various hotels (Viking, Chanler).
      For less pricey, especially if you (or someone you know) is a resident of Newport is Easton's Beach (our daughter was married there) or Fort Adams. There is also a park along the harbor near Ida Lewis Yacht Club.

      Newport Weddings are a huge institution. You should be able to find something in your budget. You will need to book a year or so in advance, if for a summer weekend. (Sundays are less expensive)

    2. I had my wedding reception at the Naval Officers Club right on the water next the war college. Sunset was awesome, set right under the bridge while we enjoyed cocktail hour on the deck.

      1. There are lots of options for wedding in Newport. The problem with a Newport wedding is that unless you do it off-season, there aren't many budget-friendly options. Sure, not every place is Castle Hill, but "budget" and "Newport wedding" aren't word I'd use in the same sentence. Maybe you could give us an idea of your actual budget and expectations. That'd make the rec's much more specific.

        There are also tons of better places to find Newport wedding info. Here are a couple examples I found after a quickie Google search:

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        1. re: invinotheresverde

          Thanks so much...My budget is somewhere around the $20,000 range, with everything included. Not much I know but hoping to pull it off. I had my heart set on Newport, but any really fun destination in New England would work just fine. The rec's are great, any others would be appreciated

          1. re: Missme

            If I were you, I'd opt for the first weekend in November, when prices have been slashed. It's still usually plenty warm enough to do pictures, etc. outside and you'll save a TON of money. Those slots book fast, though.

            Good luck and congratulations!

            1. re: Missme

              Hi, I got married in Newport last year at the Tennis Hall of Fame which is incredible. How many guests are you expecting...that makes a big difference in the venue and costs. I visited a lot of places so when you tell me how many guests, I'll send some thoughts

              1. re: CheesyWiner

                We are expecting between 150-200 guests. All will be traveling in from out of town. Any thoughts on venues, vendors etc...would be apprecaited..Some have suggested Belle Mer, have you heard anything good/bad/indifferent?

                1. re: Missme

                  That's about double the size of ours. I would guess that a very well budgeted wedding for you in Newport would be $30k lowest. A wedding planner might be a good idea too if you are out of town. I'll also note that I negotiated EVERYTHING...even the minister.
                  Belle Mer I didn't visit but have been to weddings there and it is a very popular spot. Eastons beach is very pretty and best budget. Think about the food situation at places...some require that you use their caterers and have to meet certain minimums, which you won't have trouble meeting with that size group. Some allow you to bring your own liquor (mine did) and that saved us a lot of money. the liquor stores deliver, so that makes it easy. It depends what is important for you....good food was for us, fancy plates were not. We used Spark Catering and their food is incredible.
                  Another venue I'll mention is the Newport Art was our second choice.