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Sep 23, 2009 07:12 PM

Not about a pizza stone, but a pizza *board* ????

Some CHers helped me out today with my pizza dough question on the HC board, but now I have a ?? re equipment.

I use a recipe from Giuliani Bugialli for pizza dough, and he discusses using a pizza board to mix the flour and yeast mixture on. What is a pizza board? Is it just a cutting board?

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  1. I think they mean the big paddle that you pop it in the oven with? Sounds unnecessary to me. Just mix it in a bowl or work surface.

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      No, not the peel, which is as you said IS the paddle you use to put pizza into a fire or oven, Soop. Bugialli meant the work surface, for the mixing and kneading. I don't want to do it on the counters, the island or the kitchen table, for various, boring reasons. Maybe a big, shallow mixing bowl would do the trick (if I had one, LOL). ;-)

    2. It's called a "peel".

      1. I don't think he's referring to a peel or he would have said so. I've used a large cuttingboard; lately I use a large Silpat mat. Here's a photo of a pizza board with adjustable sides to control thickness. I don't know of any serious pizza-heads that use this.

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          reminds me of another technique using dried spaggetti.

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            Ogosh, grampart, I don't see myself using that. Seems suspiciously "unitasker" to me. I'm not that hi-tech, and I'm *definitely* not a serious pizza-head. I don't even like pizza very much, but DH puts up with all my "a la Veronique" and "au vin" stuff, so I figure I can make him his "apizza" now and then, since it makes him happy. ;-)

            But a cutting board that I can use for other things, that makes *me* happy. That's what I needed to know. TY. Btw, I was thinking of getting a marble slab for baking, etc. Any reason I haven't thought of that that wouldn't work for pizza dough?

            1. re: Normandie

              This is what I use and recommend for pizza and bread baking. I consider it top-of-the-line when it comes to baking stones.

          2. I should think it's something like this pasta board. If so, any wooden cutting board would do.


            I make pizza dough every week, and use a large glass mixing bowl. I like it because it's deep, and the flour stays INSIDE the bowl.

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              Now...see? I *like* that approach--containing the flour. :-D

            2. It's a big board that's covered with a heavy cotton canvas. Definitive answer! adam

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                You mean like the pastry cloths people of my mother's generation used to use? I was wondering today if something like a pastry cloth could be used for this purpose. If so, I wouldn't have to spring for yet another cutting board...