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Sep 23, 2009 07:12 PM

Royal River Grillhouse, not so royal

A recent dinner at the Royal River Grillhouse in Yarmouth will surely be my last. My DC and I have been going here for a few years and have mostly had good, but not spectacular food and decent service. I ordered the baked oysters, $12 for 3 medium sized "Flying Point" (local) specimens. They were barely warm, covered with a non-descript crumb coating devoid of the advertised lemon chive oil. They were utterly tasteless and watery; gross. They tasted like they had been previously frozen, then broiled. For the main, I ordered the cioppino and received a serving of 4 mussels, two scallops, two small shrimp, a few rings of calamari, and a spoonful sized piece of salmon set on top of a very small portion of pasta. The mussels smelled funky and tasted like they had spoiled, overpowering the remaining seafood. The little mound of pasta had been seared somehow, leaving it clumped together in a ball, yuk! The waitress enquired about our meals well after the entree's were presented. I told her I was not happy with the food and thought there was something wrong with both dishes. She consulted the manager who told her there was nothing he could do. She was so embarrassed. On the way out, I confronted the manager (he would not come to the table) who dismissed my complaints by saying "these are our most popular dishes, we sell alot of them. When I tried to explain that the mussels were clearly bad, he said "well, you must have got a bad batch, sorry it didn't work out" I was speechless. Never again.

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  1. I do agree. We actually had our last meal there a year ago - and I do mean our last. Sorry to hear it hasn't improved. Such a nice location. Wonder if Falmouth Sea Grill is still good.

    1. Sorry to hear that, but the manager should be fired. That is not how you talk or treat a customer. I hope you paid by credit card so you can call the credit card company and complain. I would also write a letter to the Portland Chamber of Commerce, but do not think Yarmouth has a Chamber. I also think you should write the Portland Herald and tell them this story.

      1. I too recently had a thoroughly horrible experience at the RRGH. I went for dinner a couple weeks ago and ordered the hangar and scallop plate. My friend ordered a salad and the mussels as a meal. When the meals came I was certainly not impressed with the portions or the burned bacon wrapped scallops, but was more concerned that the hangar had the consistency of the heel of my shoe. As a general rule I personally don't complain to the staff about a bad meal, in my opinion there is never any good that can come of it in terms of the quality of the food BUT... since the steak in its entirety was clearly a bad cut I had to say something. I was apologetic and sincere as again, iim a firm believer that you don't f*** with those that handle your food, especially if you expect a decent meal in the future; I explained that the steak was bad cut and that it was inedible, plain and simple. Her response was, "well this is a hangar steak so..." I immediately cut her off and explained that I was throughly familiar with the type of cut and that this hangar was like rawhide, I said I would be happy with another hangar if it was the correct cut and she looked at me like I should be eating cube steak and ketchup before saying all to bluntly, well they're all the same, sir. Like I'm the ONLY one who ordered this steak and thought it wasn't right? I ordered the prime, but at that point I was furious and by the time I got my steak my friends meal was gone.. the meal was completely ruined. I would have expected a free desert or comp'd drink but that didn't happen, and since then I realize that this is common place for this establishment. The kicker was on the way out I talked to the hostess who informed me that mine was the THIRD hangar that was sent back that evening....

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          They should be reported to the board of health.......
          And the owner should be informed about his so called manager.

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            On what, exactly, are you basing your "board of health" comment? No indication has been given relative to a health code violation.

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              I was wondering about the "board of health" remark also...

        2. The original comment has been removed