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Sep 23, 2009 07:05 PM

What are your favorite Back Bay drinking establishments?

I am coming to Boston this weekend for a girl's weekend. We are eating at Scampo Fri night and then planning a night out drinking and possibly dancing on Sat. We are looking for fun and intereresting places with a good energy. We are in our 30s and not looking for a college vibe. Thanks.

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  1. I recommend starting at Via Matta. Their bar is beautiful and hip-feeling. The basil-lime gimlets are fabulous.

    1. Mini Bar, Citybar, or Sorellina. Maybe Sonsie bar. No dancing at these places, though. Dancing in Back Bay is at Saint, but it's definitely a younger crowd. Not necessarily "college" but 20's.

      1. Try Alibi or Clink in the Liberty Hotel after Scampo. The Beehive can also be good later at night. From there, I'd recommend the Franklin Cafe. For Saturday, I'd recommend dinner at Toro then drinks at Stella or dinner at Sportello and drinks at Drink. There aren't great places to dance in Boston, but you can always try Rumor or Saint.

        1. Liberty Hotel is definitely pretty hot right now and is one of the best places to be for good vibes and energy.

          Foundation Lounge, Saint, Living Room, Red Lantern, Back Bay Social Club all good places to lounge/dance.

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            not sure why this thread popped up, but saint closed a few years back and is now storyville. foundation lounge closed even longer ago and is island creek oyster bar.

            there is also emerald lounge in the revere hotel, but the op's question is from 4 years ago, lol.

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              While we're reviving ancient threads, I'll point out that the former Foundation Lounge is actually The Hawthorne now. In the good ol' days of 2009, ICOB was still the not-so-great Great Bay.


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              Interesting response by Perlmonk. Foundation Lounge and Saint were both closed multiple years ago, yet Red Lantern (and maybe BBSC too) opened up after those 2 other places closed down and are relatively new.

              I'd chalk up the closed ones to being out of the loop, but clearly you are not because you know some of the more recent spots...

              Regardless, the more dancing skewed a place is, the younger the crowd it attracts, esp in back bay.
              Lots of dancing at Brahmin, but it's basically like a club. There's also definitely some higher end/classier places in Back Bay, but they are short on dancing.

              I would definitely agree with the above recommendation of staying at the Liberty Hotel after Scampo. Definitely one of the few places that is classy, not too young and has dancing. If it must be in back bay, try Lolita's. Crowd can be hit or miss, but it's definitely interesting and not too young.