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Sep 23, 2009 06:42 PM

Where to take my girlfriend's dad to ask for her hand in Philadelphia

I want to propose to my girlfriend, but first I have to ask for her hand from her father. Do you have any suggestions of a nice restaurant or a nice place where we can go eat in Philadlphia? He likes fish, so it has to have fish, but it should have more than just fish just in case he wants something else. The reason I also ask is because I'm not from Philly and don't know where we could even go. Please help! I want this to be perfect! Thanks!!!!

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  1. Maybe Estia? It's a very nice (and expensive) Greek restaurant that specializes in fresh seafood but does have a lot of other options.

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      Estia is a great suggestion. Beautiful place, good food.

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      1. well....estia = perfect for food, but i would imagine that you are a little concerned about the setting as well. i would try an italian byo. they always have some sort of whole fish on the menu, and the setups are more intimate (plus if you piss him off and he storms out you aren't left paying a huge bill :) ). or if he likes manish kindof places, chop houses etc, try out davio's or the saloon. both always have seafood but are italian steakhouses.....

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          Estia or an Italian BYO are all good suggestions, but given your conversational topic, relatively quiet ambience might be a high priority. La Croix? Not sure about Estia.

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            Estia would be great, especially in one of the booths. The fish (and octopus) are great but they have other food on the menu that is good as well.

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              Yes, I'd steer clear from the BYO scene as they all get very loud and service can be spotty. The other places mentioned all have very professional service and have upscale ambiance suitable for "special occassion" dining.

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                I'm not so sure about Estia or a BYOB. Estia is pretty, but is really heavy on the seafood. What about Butcher and Singer or another steakhouse like Capital Grille or Smith and Wollensky? I only suggest those places as they have some nice seafood choices as well as beef entrees. Another place might be 10 Arts...hasn't that place been getting some good reviews?

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                  One last Roys' still in business? That might be a good choice, too.

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                    I agree -- Roy's is still in business and has great seafood -- also a nice quiet atmosphere.

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                I'll second the vote for Lacroix. This isn't just "I want the fish to be good," but "I want to impress upon him that I'm serious about this and will take care of his daughter."

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              1. Any place Steven Starr. Or perhaps Audrey Claire.
                "WHAT? CAN YOU SPEAK UP?"
                "MORE WATER?"
                "NO, I WANT TO..."

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                  Haha.... very funny! :) I sure do hope it's not like that! :)