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Sep 23, 2009 06:22 PM

Pork Belly

Just moved to south florida, Aventura north miami beach area. Looking to find a retailer that carries pork belly maybe some berkshire pork shoulder would also be great. My guess would be an ethnic market, or specialty butcher shop but have not seem to be able to locate one. I would be willing to drive hopefully not too far.

Thank you

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  1. The bigger Asian markets here in Tampa have it in abundance... Raw...

    I ask about it when I visit some of the authentic Chinese restaurants in the area...

    1. Real butcher shops are mysteriously hard to find in Miami area. The only ones I know of that still exist are kosher butchers - where you're not likely to find pork belly or shoulder. Your best bet for pork belly is indeed ethnic markets or supermarkets that are catering to ethnic populations. I've seen more variety of meat parts, including, I believe, pork belly, at Food Giant than I do at Publix / Whole Foods / Freshmarket.

      I've never seen anything remotely resembling heritage pork products at any of the markets.

      They're bigger on beef than pork products but you may want to check out Estancia Argentina in the Aventura area on Biscayne Blvd.

      1. Seen it at Penn Dutch in Hollywood. Not heritage at all, but they carry it. The place can be a bit intimidating and chaotic, but they've got great prices and their prodcut turnover is pretty high so the stuff is probably fresh (maybe not the best pedigree, but fresh). Produce there is another story.

        1. BTW here are some good CH articles / resources on Pork Belly:

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            I'm heading down from Delray to Hong Kong City BBQ in Tamarac this weekend (yum!). Going to a FL Panthers game Saturday night and since I'll be in general vicinity, well, anything for an excuse to visit an old favorite.

            Anyone know if they have anything that would be considered "closest" or "equal" to pork belly? I have been in about 5 years and at that time I was naïve to the miracles of Pork fat.

            Menu is here:


          2. check Smitty's buthcer shop. It is in fort lauderdale just off Federal on Florenada just north of Oakland park blvd

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              Juan..Check out www. , Look at the store locator. I noticed there are also some in the Miami area. I get mine at the Lake Worth store in Palm Beach county.