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Sep 23, 2009 05:59 PM

In Vegas for a layover. Have two hours. Ideas for a dive/watering hole serving good food.

I'm in vegas for a layover of about 5 hours. I want to get out of the airport and get some good food and drink quite a bit before i hop on my redeye flight home. I'd like to stay away from the glitz and maybe hit up some old vegas classics. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. The Crown & Anchor at 1350 E. Tropicana is a 5 minute cab ride from the airport and you won't get caught up in the traffic that crosses the Strip. It's an English style pub/locals place with very good fish & chips (and other Britsh food) and a nice selection of UK beer on tap. Not exactly an old Vegas classic per se, but it's been there a long time and it's reliably's the scoop including menu

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      oooh...pasties. this looks interesting! thanks for the tip...!

    2. Keep in mind that the Vegas airport probably has the longest security lines and security process in the country. Much of this is due to the low-frequency flyers who do a once a year vacation and it happens to be Vegas. Patience and allowing extra time to get through security is mandatory in LV.

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        i figured as much. i'm hoping that i'll have enough time to get out, fill up, come back....

      2. I recommend Piero's, 10 minute easy cab ride from McCarran down Paradise, no tangles with the strip traffic. An institution with great fresh stone crabs ( the season begins Oct. 15). Otherwise, their osso bucco is as good as it gets. They understand people in a hurry; many times I phoned ahead for stone crabs and DP on the way to the airport with 30 minutes to spare and they got it done. Oh, and it's not a dive, but it's a hell of a watering hole with good chow.

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            this sounds great! didn't see osso buco on their menu online, though....

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              Reservations are recommended.
              (702) 369-2305

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                I phoned Piero's about the osso buco- it is a daily special for $42. The hostess doesn't understand why it's not on the menu. She confirmed they will have fresh stone crabs when the season opens Oct. 15. If I were there I would do's only a black chip.

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                  sweet ! i'll be there before the stone crab season unfortunately...

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                This is a good rec. I'm not a *huge* fan of the place but it's definitely old school style.

                If you're looking for a steak, try the Golden Steer on Sahara & LVB. WAAAAAAAY old school, divey, Italian steakhouse. Very cool place. You could easily bypass all the traffic by telling the cabbie to go Tropicana-to-Industrial-to-Sahara. Be there in a flash. Another suggestion for a divey place with good food ( make sure to have the tableside caesar salad, and save room for tableside cherries jubilee ).


              3. since your on a red eye - don't worry about the time it takes to get thru security - unless it's a sunday night flight - the classics ?

                pieros, golden steer already mentioned - personally, i think piero's is waay overpriced for what you get .

                casa di amore, batistas - both average italian places

                pamplemousse - old school french - i like the place but it can be hit/miss

                panevino - close to airport - decent, but also a little pricey.

                bootlegger bistro - has an old school feel to it but relatively new.

                Happy eating !

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                  Actually, the Bootlegger has been in town for many year, perhaps over 20- but the location is fairly new. (they used to be on Trop and Eastern, many moons ago, where the bar "Putters" is now.)

                  I'd give them your business, as they are 24/7, the food's great and your cabbie won't have to drive on the busy "main" Strip. They are on Las Vegas Blvd, but about 2 miles south, near a huge outlet mall. Late-night may find your entertaiment there to be off-work main Vegas singing acts (really awesome, if you're so lucky) or semi-decent to bad karaoke.

                  I love Crown and Anchor as well, great fish and chips, and open 24/7 as well, if memory serves.

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                    All bars in Las Vegas are open 24/7. In fact, aside from slot machines, bars are one of the few establishments that you can be certain are always open.

                    HOWEVER... very few bars have 24/7 kitchens.

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                    Actually, security is about the only thing at the Vegas airport that DOESN'T drive me crazy....its never been that bad. Maybe I've been lucky. Far worse is the line for a cab at times...and of course the "drop off" area...people seem to think that you can park in any of the lanes to unload....they need to borrow some of the airport cops from the Oakland airport to whip them in shape!

                    To keep it on food and maybe keep me from being deleted: Its not old Vegas, but Origin India for upscale Indian is very close to the airport and a nice place. Or India Curry on Maryland Parkway for more of a low-scale experience...:-) I wouldn't go to pamplemousse....too far north and if there is ANY traffic on 15 or the strip you'll be stuck....heck, if I was going to go that far north I'd go to LOS instead....

                    I've enjoyed Bootlegger Bistro....

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                      Just something to think about: there seems to be alot of evening road-work on Paradise/Harmon area lately. As they are digging up pipelines at 11pm at night!

                      I'm off to get some ramen after work tonite, and i'll report back ASAP. Ohyeah! You could get great Japanese food at Sushi Kaigenrou- they are kitty-corner from Origins India and the Hard Rock. Open till 2am, and the best ramen in Vegas.

                      1. re: Honeychan

                        Allright, the road construction wasen't horrendus at 11:15pm last night. It's there, but not bad.

                        The ramen was delicious!

                  3. Apparently it has its fans, but both times I've been to Crown & Anchor, the fish and chips have been soggy with grease -- some of the worst I've ever had.

                    I'd give another vote for Origin India or Lotus of Siam.