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Sep 23, 2009 04:37 PM

Two Italians seeking good Italian restaurant near Plymouth Meeting.

I'm looking for a place to take a special date - someplace romantic where we can talk and have some good Italian food, preferably Southern Italian but it's not that important. He lives in NJ and I'm in Chester County and we want to meet somewhere in between. Plymouth Meeting seems to be about half-way but if there's a good place somewhere else please suggest it.

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  1. Depending on what direction he is coming from in Jersey. If he comes 322 Avalon in West Chester, If he is coming through down town Osteria on Broad. Not sure about Plymouth meeting but I believe Conshy may have some good choices.

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      Thanks. He is coming via the PA turnpike. I will look for something in Conshohocken. Any suggestions?

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        Trattoria Totaro on Spring Mill Road in Conshohocken. Good Southern Italian food, intimate, unpretentious but pretty and byob. I am not a fan of San Marco (in Ambler) which I find very pretentious.

    2. Go to the Fort Washington Exit of the turnpike and travel down Bethlehem Pike to Ristorante San Marco. It's the best Italian restaurant in the area and will fit the ambience you desire.

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            I'll toss in a vote for Trinacria over (overpriced) San Marco. Since they expanded, it's much more comfortable. Northern and Southern Italian, as I recall.


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              Third cheer for Trinacria. My Italian friend who is from the south says that it is TRUE Sicilian food.

          2. If it doesn't "HAVE" to be Italian, I would recommend Fayette Street Grille on Fayette St. in Conshy. Have been several times and if you want it a little quieter, more romantic - ask for the table by the window. It's a prix fixe BYOB - complete meal is $34 a person and with that you get your choice of entree - usually about 8 selections - choice of starter and dessert and coffee. I think it's a great value. Small place - you will be able to see the chef preparing your meal. I assure you, you will not be disappointed