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Sep 23, 2009 04:32 PM

Family-style Italian in Manhattan

My boyfriend and I are making our annual trip back to NYC from California and need to meet with old friends over bowls of flavorful pasta and carafes of vino. Any recommendations of a good Italian place that serves family-style? How is La Mela?

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  1. I would recommend John's of 12th Street, which is not strictly family-style, but the food is good, the portions are big, price is a good value. I've dined there numerous times with groups of six upwards, and it's been a great place to visit with old friends who come in from out of town.

    1. If you mean by "family style" large shared portions, I do not think there are many places that do it in Manhattan. Aside from La Mela there is Tony's DiNapoli, Carmine's as well as a place on the UWS called Sambuca.

      Although not "family style" like the above. You might also consider a place like Malatesta in the West Village. A trattoria that serves simple, well prepared mostly "old school" dishes. Moderately priced.

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        Fantastic! Thanks so much for your ideas. Yes, we were thinking true family-style just for this one night, and know that we may be missing out on higher quality spots for this reason. I am getting really stoked to be back in NYC.

      2. Check out Piccolo Angolo (621 Hudson St). You won't feel like you're missing out on too much there. La Mela is festive, but food isn't as good as Piccolo Angelo.

        1. go to patsy's on the upper west side (i think it's 74th between central park west and columbus)'s in a brownstone cozy inside....all brick...the pizza is amazing, the salads are great, the bread to dip in oil is yummy and i'm sure everything on the menu is good...ask to sit in the front might need to reserve for a group....i would go a bit earlier for dinner because it can get crowded....though i do love john's pizza too but patsy's is a little more special, though not fancy, and i love the atmosphere...though it is a tight squeeze....i love their pizza.....try it, you'll like it! promise!

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