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Sep 23, 2009 04:16 PM

Monterey Hill Restaurant - Five Stars in my book (and wallet)

I’ve enjoyed lunch at this terrific restaurant so many times that I want to share it with the hounds. It’s located where the 10 crosses the 710 up on the hill off Ramona. A large, stand alone place with plenty of parking. You enter through a grotto and Koi pond, setting the mood for a good experience. It’s a large venue with comfortable seating with white linen table cloths, booths and tables generously spaced. Nice views. The food and service are both excellent, particularly for the price. I’ve lunched here maybe 25 times or more and have never been disappointed. (Cant say that for most places), Food is what I call continental with always interesting specials very artfully presented. You can't go wrong with their salads, seafood, steaks, burgers, pastas, whatever. Today I had a wonderful chicken scalopenni served with wild mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes and fresh baby carrots and string beans. Perfect. And great bread! The best french bread and butter of any restaurant I’ve been to in Los Angeles. Seriously, Always fresh, warm and with a nice crust. The sweet butter comes with a scoop of fresh pesto. Did I mention that the portions were generous. Anyway, I’m no restaurant critic, but I believe this place deserves several stars - particularly for its price/quality ratio. They also serve Sunday brunch and dinner is worth a try.

The web site:

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  1. Thanks for reminding me of this restaurant which is so close to home. I just checked out their menu and it looks very good. Have you tried either the Kobe burger or the blue cheese soup and if so, what are your opinions?

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      I haven't tried the Kobe burger or the cheese soup. But I can say that everything I've ever eaten there is very very good. I usually go for the salads, their fish or chicken dishes and their deserts. I must repeat that I love the bread they serve. Next time I'll try the burger. But if you go first, let us know how it is.

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          Yes. Right next to it and the golf course.

    2. Hi Baron. Went to Montery Hill today and had a great lunch. You're right about the bread. They had a raisin nut bread which was good but the baugette with pesto was excellent. I did have the Kobe burger and enjoyed it sooooo much. The fries were the shoestring type which I liked. May not be up to the strict standards of some but we really enjoyed ourselves and thank you for the recommendation. P.S. Had to laugh at my question about "blue cheese soup." Shows how age and eyesight plays tricks. It was beer and cheese soup. I didn't try it but saw several others ordering it so might be a hot tip. I also noticed the daily special was swordfish topped with 2 large prawns, some spinach and some kind of sauce that looked delicious. Our waiter said it was a daily special but if we specifically asked for it next visit, they would prepare it for us. I'm thinking about tomorrow.

      1. Could you tell me the approximate price range for dinner? Thanks!

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          We had lunch so I can only tell you what we paid approximately. We had two Samuel Adams on draft, a tropical ice tea, fish and chips with shoestring potatoes and the American Kobe burger with shoestrings and a creme brulee for desert. The bill came to $46.15 They do have a menu on their site with the individual prices for both lunch and dinner

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            Salads and appetizers are about $8-10, main dishes run $17-25, drinks are fairly priced. Everything is well worth the price. This is a no hype, anti-trendy place. It would certainly be a good date place if you want a nice setting, good service and a place quiet enough to actually be able to carry on a conversation without having to yell at the person seated next to you.