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Sep 23, 2009 04:00 PM

Orlando-I'm thinking Cuban for breakfast

Hi 'hounds.I'll be picking up someone at the Airport and I'm thinking I need the good Cuban breakfast before doing so.If not Cuban,another option would be fine if the food is good.I'll probably be coming down from Deland that morning.My research has found recs for:Don Pepe's Habana Grill and Vegas Cafe for the Cuban fix and a couple of First Watch places.Also considering Johnson's Diner (b'fast?).Am I on the right track?Are there other places I need to be aware of? Help me 'hounds.Thanks,Mudbug

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  1. If you head up 436 there are several ethnic cuban cafeterias and diners around the intersection of 408 and 436 up hwy 50. I know there used to be a good breakfeast spot at the corner of 50 and 436 on the northwest corner that was ok but not cuban. I would love to find a good cuban diner like the ones in south florida. There is a first watch at the corner of curryford and bumby.

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      It's not a First Watch at Curryford & Bumby - it's Daybreak Diner - breakfast is okay. If you're willing to drive to downtown Orlando I would suggest The Breakfast Club on Pine St - always delicious and plenty of food (much more First Watch like). Not sure where to get a Cuban breakfast.
      I don't think Johnson's Diner is open anymore, some tax trouble or something; could be reopened, but would call before you head over.