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Sep 23, 2009 03:43 PM

What is going on with the Lord Hobo?

I know this has been brought up before, but I wanted to resurrect the topic. I went by at the end of August, and saw that the place was still in rough shape. Soon after, I saw the owner post on another site that they would be opening late the following week. Since then, I haven't heard anything. I went in to one of his former bars (The Moan and Dove) this past weekend, and the staff there had no idea. Anyone been by lately, or have any news?

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    1. re: SmokeDawg

      As all neighboring cyclists know, that dumpster's been out there forever....

    2. No news. He sold out of the Moan and Dove?


        The punchline: "sorry folks, my idea of "next week" is clearly different from my contractor's. i'll keep you posted.

        we'll be open "soon.""

        So, there it is. For now, relax, maybe take a trip to CBC or Atwoods for a beer, wait for the doors to open. Whatever the holdup is, us worrying about it won't help.

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        1. re: celeriac

          I'm not really sure that you can police people's worrying...especially since it's known by many that worrying CAN in fact make things outside of your control move faster and better. I think that MIT did a study.

          Seriously, though--I have to imagine that there are quite a few people excitedly anticipating the openings of LH and Trina's Starlite. That their respective opening dates have slid isn't surprising, per se, nor even reason to fret...but, again, who needs a reason to fret?

          1. re: jkv

            Actual news-like update: Lord Hobo ran a big ad in the Weekly Dig yesterday (I know, I know), featuring what seems to be their menu, including fried oysters, lobster mac and cheese, duck confit salad, house-made gnocchi, and, um, paella.

            Sounds like they're feeling ambitious and, in some way, running ads is kind of like saying that you may, someday, open.

        2. Walked by there today and there were guys around working on the place. I asked if they knew of an opening date, and one guy told me that they are hoping to do so in about two weeks.

          1. The dumpster permit on Hampshire expires this week. Either they renew it and we're still in limbo, or it goes away and we know something is going to happen.