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Danforth Restaurants - Baby Friendly (Globe?)

I need to make reservations for a 'nice' extended family dinner tomorrow night, including a 7-month old baby. Does anyone know if Globe has highchairs/change-tables, and most importantly, are the staff tolerant of infants?

Any other suggestions that will suit an infant that are on the 'nicer' side?

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  1. My first reaction was no-way-Jose, but the washrooms iirc have diaper-changing stations, so they must. A bit upmarket for kids, tho.

    Anywhere loud would work, someplace a screaming baby isn't going to cause too big a scene.


    Pizzeria Libretto

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      But you can't get a rez at Terroni or Librett, which is probably necessary.... especially if you're bringing bebe.

      I think Globe might be OK if you let them know ahead of time and perhaps rolled with the early seating and all those tricks that parents are usually hip to already (although I would be very surprised if they had a high chair). Perhaps they could seat you on the mezzanine or somewhere that you could get a bit more privacy in case Small acted up (depending on the size of your group). Can't hurt to call and ask.

    2. Even if they have a high chair, the arrangement of tables would be awkward at best. It's a very long and narrow dining room, with benches against the wall and chairs on the outside. The tables are quite close together. I was at their winetasing last week where they used the private room on the top floor. Perhaps that would be suitable? More floor space to work with. I'm sure the service would be exceptional in accommodating baby but I would guess there are probably better choices. As mentioned, it's pretty upmarket, and, it gets REALLY loud when the room is full much like a bar. Not recommended for infant ears!

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        That sure was a record turnout for a wine tasting at Globe, I think they had around 46 participants. Are you going to be at the winemaker's dinner? I'll be there.

        I've seen very young babies on occasion, but it was only during brunch. I've never seen any at dinner. The hard surfaces really make the place noisy and a baby would not like that.

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          I'm giving the winemaker's dinner serious thought; big fan of Fielding wines. As for the record numbers at the winetasting, Adrian and Bill did a great job with the tutored tastings. However, there were moments when the crowd (possibly drunken?) drowned out the presentation. Not sure I would want to go again if the groups will be that large. Fun night, and very generous pours for only $20!

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            I've found the winemaker's dinners to be great value, and I like the idea of a tasting-style menu. We always walk home after, I wouldn't want to drive after attending one of those.

      2. I think you should just call the restaurant and ask. There are two levels, and I can't imagine the place will be rocking on a Thursday night (however, the restaurant is in the best position to answer this.)

        1. We eat around there all the time, and we have a baby, and somehow we always end up at 7 Numbers. Italians are pretty baby-friendly.

          I love Globe but I can't imagine taking my hyperactive 1 year-old there.

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            I've seen a well behaved one year old there, but a hyperavtive one may not be much fun to take there. And of the owners, I'm sure the wife is Italian if that matters.

          2. We've been to Globe a few times with our baby, when he was 6 months old to when he's a toddler recently. We've done both dinner and brunch. They do have high chairs and change tables so that's not a problem. The table next to us actually commented on how 'well-behaved' our boy was (which I didn't think so....may be they were being polite?). May be do an earlier seating? But they do welcome babies there.

            1. I can't imagine a 7 month old being bothered by any noise level. If anything it will put them to sleep! Go and enjoy.

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                The concern about the noise level has to do with damaging an infant's hearing and not so much about causing upset to the baby. Think of your hearing after a rock concert. When people mention the noise level at the Globe, it's no exaggeration ;) Hopefully, it will be slow at 6PM.

              2. Thanks everyone. I called the resto and they seemed pretty open to the idea. It's not my first choice in restaurants for a baby, but the popular vote (6 vs 3 - myself, hubby, and baby) says Globe, so we're going to give it a try. Bringing whatever distractions I can to smooth out the bumps. Dinner seatings start at 6pm, so that's when we're going.

                Wish us luck ;)

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                  I think you will be fine -- when our son was really young we took him to all kinds of places for dinner but always went early (6 pm) and made a reservation so we had an extra chair for his car seat. A baby that age isn't the same as an older kid running around and grabbing at the tableware. I would be much warier now that he is 22 months old.

                2. So was a mild disaster, but we survived. We left early as baby was getting squirrelly. Would've been ok except she kept getting spooked by the waiters dressed in black lurking in the background.

                  However, I have learned my lesson - that's the last time I even attempt to bring baby to a nice restaurant. Not enjoyable for baby, parents, nor other patrons in the restaurants. The wait staff was very polite though.

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                    Aw - sorry to hear you had a rough night. How was the food at Globe?

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                      Yeah, bummer. My wife and I save our nice nights for the rare occasion when a family member can babysit, and then go all-out (last night out was Splendido).

                      Even a place like Gio Rana's doesn't have highchairs! Boy was that a disaster.