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Sep 23, 2009 02:51 PM

Smoked Salmon

Hi all

I'm looking for a place to pick up the BEST smoked salmon in Seattle. I'm visiting my brother out of state this weekend and was hoping to bring some down.


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  1. The Wilson Fish guys who sell at some of the farmers' markets. This weekend they'll be at the Ballard farmers' market on Sunday (10-3), and I think at the one at MLK and Union on Friday (3-7). SO good.

    1. By far, the best smoked salmon in Seattle is at Pure Fish in the Market.

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        Thanks for the recommendations. I should have tried to find the Pure Fish in the Market but i was in a rush. I went to the place right at the entrance, where they throw the fish. It was pretty good.

      2. The smoked salmon produced by Gerard & Dominique Seafoods is very good. Gerard Parrat (former proprietor of Gerard’s Relais de Lyon) and Dominique Place (former proprietor of Dominque’s Place) are very talented European-trained chefs who turned their efforts to producing smoked fish. You can buy their products at many Seattle area markets, including Whole Foods. The “European Style Smoked Salmon” is made with farm-raised Atlantic salmon, and unless it comes from an environmentally responsible source (there aren’t many), I’d stay away from it. But they also produce a dry-brined cold-smoked “Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon” that is very good quality and that you can buy without any environmental angst.

        1. "Best" has to take into account personal taste. What amount of saltiness or sweetness (sugar in the cure) and how dry you like it means a lot more to satisfaction than an arguable slight difference in "quality," whatever that word means.

          I personally have been happy with the smoked wild king salmon from Pike Place Fish Market. I don't remember who supplies them. You do have to be careful to ask or read the label. They sell both wild and farmed smoked salmon from the same cabinet.

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            I agree, Randy. The most pronounced differences between different sources of smoked salmon witl the particular recipe used for the brining (both wet-brining and dry-brining), the degree of smokiness, etc., although the type of salmon used, especially the oil content of the fish, might also play a part in the texture of the final product.

            1. re: Tom Armitage

              I picked up a chunk of smoked Salmon at Pure Foods Fish a year or so ago, and the glow in the eye of the man who served me will remain forever. He looked serious as he said, "ooh, a nice belly piece."
              I'd ask if I was suckered, except for the fact that this was perfect smoked fish, in the end.

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