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J-Mart Asian Food Peabody

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I was sitting in endless traffic on rte 35 in Peabody (in the middle of all that construction) and noticed a new store next to DD's called J-Mart Asian Food (I forget it was store or Market) The place looked empty but in the midst of construction. Curious....

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  1. Actually it's located in Danvers not Peabody. It's right infront of Liberty Marina.

    1. This is indeed in Danvers (Danversport to be exact.) And it is NOT a restaurant, it is a very small asian specialty store.
      I was OVER JOYED to see it coming and was very excited to think we would have something like this close to home - but alas... it is rather crummy. Very little selection (so far) and frankly I am not sure they know what they are doing! I went in looking around and found very little... but LOTS of what the have - think one shelf with the same thing over and over. Heavy on the snacks/sweets and bereft on the main food stuffs.
      I am going to give this store a little time to get the kinks out... but I think I will again need to head to Lynn for quality Asian specialty foods.

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        Is it like an asian snack place with dried fruits, meats, fish, candy etc? or just a hodge podge of stuff? Ever since Super 88/HK market in Malden revamped their place and the edition of H-mart in Burlington I am not seeing as much need to go to Kam Man in Quincy unless we want to shop and go out for cantonese, dim sum or decent vietnamese.