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Sep 23, 2009 01:45 PM


What is the best way to get a reservation at au bon accueil? I had trouble coming across an email address. am i best off calling?

thanks so much

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  1. We called a few weeks before and had no trouble getting a reservation at the time we desired.

    Dinner was just okay.....I don't think we will return there next summer. There are far better restaurants to chose from.

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      What were your favorites? Im a new yorker and am trying to put my finger on where we should eat. I would say 100$ a person would be our limit, but we dont want to spend that every night. We are planning to skip the extremely fancy, as much of that can be had here. I had wanted to go to the comptoir du relais, but at the time we are going to be there, they are not doing their price fixed menu. I made reservations at La Gaigne and sent requests to les papilles and angle du faubourg.


      Our guru Souphie likes the place, so I'm going to give it a try in November! Nice website, and they sound conscientious about spending all night scouting the best ingredients at the market. The chef is apparently Japanese, and Japan is one of France's few rivals as a food nation.

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        It is run by Jacques and Catherine LACIPIERE, they are not Japanese I am fairly sure.

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          J et C own Au Bon Accueil and Chez les Anges. But the Chef at Au Bon Accueil is Japanese, and he spent quite some time in the kitchen with Benoit Guichard at Jamin -- one of the best of the Robuchon boys.

          I still think that ABA is one of the best restaurants in town for very affordable, very classic, high-end cuisine. Their pigeon, their sole for instance are perfect. But it's a place for people who share my taste for precise balance and cooking of excellent ingredients. For me food is first and foremost about high skills, love of ingredients and perfectionism. That's what the kitchen at ABA consistently delivers in my experience.

          1. re: souphie

            Agree, very classic place.

            On a sidenote:
            The ABA chef's wife works at another restaurant in the 8th which offers an excellent deal for lunch (starter + main 22 eur). It is called Makoto Aoki, it serves french food and is entirely run by some japanese staff.

      2. thanks all. i think we will try it. Does anyone know if it is open sunday or monday?

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          ABA is open mon-fri. Don't know about Makoto Aoki.