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Sep 23, 2009 01:36 PM

Where to buy lard?

Preferably leaf lard. I had, at one point, bought the leaf fat from Blood Farms and my husband rendered it for me. We are now out, and I would prefer to buy it already rendered! Any suggestions as to where I might find it?

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  1. We get ours from Lionette's, but always call first before you go down: they only get a couple quarts' worth a week.

    1. you can also buy goya brand lard at most latin markets

      1. I don't know that I've ever noticed lard there, but Savenors does make and sell other rendered animal fats (notably duck fat and schmaltz, or chicken fat) so I wouldn't be surprised if they do have it sometimes. Definitely call and check first though.

        re: galagtron's post, I don't know about Goya's in particular but many store brands of lard are actually partially or fully hydrogenated, making it much much worse for you than real, natural lard. Also, the OP is talking leaf lard, a very particular variety prized for baking.

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          and frying french fries. Horse leaf lard rocks my world.

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            goya is defintely hydrogenated (and in my experience, not so tasty)

          2. I've bought from both Savenor and Lionette in the past. As others have said, call before. I've tried to render myself from pork fat and not nearly as good as those I bought. Freezes well, as far as I can tell.

            1. Call Blood Farm in Groton and ask if they have leaf lard and if not, when they might have it. There was also a meat-guy at the Bedford Farmer's Market who would take orders and bring it week to week.