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Sep 23, 2009 01:36 PM

where to eat off the plane on a saturday night?

ahhh yet another post, but i figure i may as well square this away from now lol. anyway, i get into town at 645, and am wondering where you would recommend breaking my trip in? i may head to algiers straight from the airport, in that case would dry dock be good, or should i reserve that for a midweek night? i'm thinking casual, lively, excellent food, cheapish but awesome drinks...thanks again for the 411!

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  1. I think Le Parvenu would be great for you:

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    1. re: Clicquot

      You stole my rec.! It's close, very good and will fill the bill.


    2. Make a resv. at Coquette. Menu changes frequently (weekly???). Excellent signature cocktails.

      1. To me, neither Le Parvenu nor Coquette qualifies as "cheapish," but I guess that's a pretty subjective term.

        Edit to offer actual recommendation: If I were looking for somewhere near the airport, I'd go to Harbor Seafood. It fits four of the five requirements, casual, lively, great (sea)food, and cheapish. And the drinks are excellent if you like cold beer.

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        1. re: uptownlibrarian

          yeah i'm thinking more of a down 'n dirty kind of a place, not that the other places dont sound great, just not what i have in mind. and it doesnt necessarily have to be by the airport, although that doesnt hurt. but harbor seafood sounds awesome uptownlibrarian, ill keep that in mind. thanks for all the recs though, i greatly appreciate them!

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            $7 abita pitchers is what i'm talkin about! also, i just happened to look at their addresses, and noticed that seafood cove is right next to harbor seafood...are they both excellent? thanks again

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              fiesta latina on Airline is good

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                The retail arm of Harbor Seafood is next door in the same building. That's probably what you're seeing.