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Sep 23, 2009 01:32 PM

Dinner in Gravenhurst

I will be in Gravenhurst next weekend and looking for a good place for dinner. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Go to the Boston Pizza. It's the only one in Canada/North America on the Water I think. Not independent but you know what you're getting. Plus it was in their commercial.

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    1. re: daveeatsalot

      wow boston pizza. ohhhhhkay... why doesn't bracab just stay home?) Isn't the point to NOT know what you are getting.... ?.

      1. re: bruceter

        It is a golf weekend in the area and the dinner is a birthday treat, I had something other than pizza in mind.

      2. re: daveeatsalot

        Taboo resort has some dining options...they are good but over priced.

      3. there is a place called Lakers which i have been to three times and been quite disappointed with the service all 3 times. the food wasn't too bad last time i went there last summer but the service definately sucked. i drive by almost every weekend and it is always basically empty.

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        1. re: kingofboggle

          Delta Sherwood Dining room in nearby Port Carling for more up scale. Designated driver would be essential. There IS a new "steakhouse" on the Gravenhurst water front called Regatta something.

        2. There is a restaurant beside Boston Pizza on the wharf called Regatta. I have not eaten there but friends have and enjoyed it. It has beautiful view of the Bay. Contemporary cuisine, check their website. Nothing else in Gravenhurst proper. Good Japanese -- Wabora in Bracebridge about 20 minutes away.

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            I would second Regatta. Went to Boston Pizza (visiting the folks) and checked out the menu of the Regatta. Did not try their food however the menu looked good and the prices for lunch were comparable to Boston Pizza - yet they were serving duck.

          2. What about North? Haven't been, but have heard good things.

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            1. re: Phoenix

              Yes, absolutely North is the best restaurant in town. In fact, the drop down to #2 is rather embarrassing. The food is eclectic, creative, with an emphasis on local sourcing. The wine list is a bit limited, but some decent bottles there. Be warned though, you will be paying Toronto prices, this is superb dining and you have to expect to pay for that.