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Sep 23, 2009 01:02 PM


Traveling in for a girls weekend..2 foodies looking for unusual ethnic spots..any suggestions??

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  1. Can you define more about what you mean by "unusual" Charlotte has chinese, korean, malaysian, mexican, cuban....but I don't know that I'd call any of that unusual?

      1. Check out Nikko. It's good sushi in a fun setting.

        1. I've been to Sultan Kabob ohuse a couple of times & was pleased. Its in a bit of a hole in the wall strip shopping center

          1. Dim Sum on Central. They have cart service on the weekends and its big fun. At the table, different servers come by with carts of different foods to offer you. You pick and choose which ones you want. You can also order off the menu. I recommend the pork buns, shrimp-stuffed eggplant, duck sticky rice, shrimp balls,etc... too many to list.

            Vietnam Grille on South Blvd. is another good option. Delicious pho and other traditional vietnamese dishes.

            Uptown there is a new upscale Thai restaaurant called Thai Basil. I haven't been yet, but heard good things. It seems like a good dinner spot for a girls weekend crowd.

            Another good lunch or dinner spot would be Pio Pio for Columbian & Peruvian fare. Nice atmosphere and delicious rotisserie chicken with rice & bean and two delicious dipping sauces. They also serve ceviche, fried plaintains and several other dishes.

            Eat well & have fun!!!

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              Do you prefer Vietnam Grille to Saigon Palace for Pho?

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                I prefer Vietnam Grille for most things. I don't eat beef but I did try the pho broth at Saigon Palace a few months ago and it wasn't all that I remember good pho to be. But I ain't the best judge ;-)

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                  Thanks for all the great suggestions! By unusual I guess I meant local, family run authentic flavor..