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Sep 23, 2009 12:32 PM

Searching for dumplings like at Dragon Garden in Sherwood Plaza, Natick

Does anyone remember Dragon Garden in Sherwood Plaza, Natick. Overall it was nothing to write home about, but they had some of the greatest pan fried dumplings/ Peking ravioli (guo tie) of anywhere in Boston. Instead of the normal crescent shape, theirs were flatter and more half-moon shaped, with a really light and flavorful filling. Since dragon garden closed around 5 years ago I've been unsuccessfully searching for a replacement favorite dumpling. Does anyone know where the dragon garden owners went, or has anyone found a dumpling to rival these? Thanks!

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  1. I never went to Dragon Garden so am not sure, but they do have something like what you describe at Winsor Cafe in Chinatown, I think it's the House Pan Fried Pork Dumpling. Also Gourmet Dumpling House. Both of those versions are really good.

    1. I also never had the Dragon Garden dumplings, but your description sounds something like the Taiwanese pan fried dumplings at Taiwan Cafe in Chinatown.


      1. Thanks. I'll check out Winsor. I've had the ones at Taiwan Cafe and I don't remember them being similar but I'll look into those too.

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          Gourmet Dumpling house in Chinatown. Service is downright awful but it's the best dumplings I've ever had.

        2. They have something similar sounding at Nancy Chang's in Worcester. They're called "chicken ravioli" and I much prefer them to the standard Peking ravioli. They're flat, half-moons made with gyoza dough and lightly pan fried. Very light with fresh herbs in the stuffing and served with typical ginger sauce. Order a fresh batch - don't settle for the ones under the buffett heat lamp.

          1. Still craving these pretty badly, so wanted to revive this thread and see if anyone had ever tracked down the Dragon Garden owners.