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Sep 23, 2009 12:13 PM

Old Pudgies site on Hope St. in Stamford. Something new?

Pudgies in Stamford was at 324 Hope St.

I see a listing on Google at the same address for "Chef Luis Express".

Does anyone know if this is a new place that's going there, or some outdated pre-Pudgies listing?

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  1. I heard a few months ago that Chef Luis of New Canaan is taking the space, So I guess that was true.

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    1. re: tgseaver

      Got it. Thank you.

      I checked his New Canaan dinner menu - definitely a change in cuisine and cost there!

    2. I work in the area. The construction workers told me it was going to be a Mexican restaurant several months ago.

      1. hi has anyone tried Chef Luis express? The New Canaan BYO is pretty good...wondering how this location was? How is the inside decor?