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Sep 23, 2009 12:00 PM

lunch options, parc&beaubien area

need help from CHers. i work on beaubien and du parc approximately, and would like to use my one hour lunch break as wisely as possible.

what should i take note of within a 10-20 minute walk (ultimately i still have to eat and return to my desk)? already have scouted out la cornetteria for pastries, marguerita bakery for bread/pizza, and an argentine/chilean meat shop a block or so past st. laurent which makes decent jamon crudo and mortadella (among other choices) sandwiches to go. any help you could provide on this area for good lunch options would be much appreciated.

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  1. The Argentine/Chilean place is called boucherie St-Viateur. Mexican resto Itacate approximately opposite it.

    Beaubien and avenue du Parc is a tiny black hole, but surrounded by some nice things. If you can get up to Jean-Talon, various South Asian restos nearby (check thread on this area in Park-Ex).

    1. India Beau Village is just under the underpass, as you continue north on Parc. Samosas are great if just made, but good all round anyway. Thalis are good at lunch. A cheap and friendly place to eat.

      Also at that Parc/Beaumont corner, turning west and continuing one block is a Middle Eastern - maybe Lebanese? - bakery with very nice hummous, tabboule, sandwiches and some seating. But that is probably pressing it, for an hour lunch.

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        Do you mean Palmyra, Mei? If so, it's actually a few blocks west of Parc (corner of Bloomfield, I believe). Was hesitant to recco it because, like you, I doubt whether the walk on foot would leave markiank much time to eat. But it's a good place and they do takeout too. IIRC there's also a hole-in-the-wall south Asian resto on the south side of Beaumont just west of Parc that I always wonder about when passing by.

      2. I would avoid Marguerita Bakery (perhaps even at all costs). An interesting option is Le Pick-Up on Waverly, essentially a dep with a lunch counter at the back, Very casse croute but better than run of the mill. A tad further than Corneteria but probably still within your range.

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          you're absolutely right. marguerita was just a laziness thing for me -- cheap, filling lunch. but the pizza is greasy, the cheese often burnt, and overall uninspiring. headed to india beau village in half an hour, and i've been in the mood for indian for a long time now.

          any more recs would be greatly appreciated! thanks for the help so far

        2. Well, not further than cornetteria is Zitto and Mangia (/, a mixed italian-south american place, don't know what their sit down menu is for lunch, but I know they have some puspusa, I believe enchilada and sandwiches for lunch in the takeout counter that would ot be too expensive, drop by to have a look.