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Sep 23, 2009 11:54 AM

Bethesda Central Farm Market - good? Farmers markets further north?

Has anyone been to the Bethesda Central Farm Market?


I keep meaning to go but as I live in Germantown, I never end up actually going. I was wondering if it was worth the drive once in a while.

On that note, does anyone know of any farmers markets close to Germantown? I went to one in the Kentlands last year and maybe I went on an off day, but I was really underwhelmed - I think there were 5 vendors there. Sometimes I go to Butlers Orchard, but I prefer organic produce and they don't seem to have much of it.

I searched the boards but didn't find anything so apologies if this is redundant. Any help is appreciated. :)

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  1. I'm not sure I would travel from Germantown, esp. if what you really want is organic fruit/veg. It's probably 15 or so vendors, but offhand I'd say 3-4 are fruit and veg. (not sure how many are officially organic), another 4-5 are meat/fish, a couple cheese, a few random things like bread/honey/olive oil/flowers.

    1. We live in Rockville and have started going to the Bethesda Central Farm Market regularly. It has everything we need (fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, olive oil, raw honey, bakeries, coffee vendor, knife sharpener). We really like the vendors and the ambiance of this Sunday morning market (9:00 - 1:00) -- haven't been yet to the Thurs afternoon version. We tend to go early on Sundays when parking is easy and it's nice to have time to talk to the vendors before the crowds arrive.

      Closer to you, there is a market in downtown Rockville on Saturday mornings (9 -1) in the jury parking lot on Montgomery Ave. We've been there a couple of times and while they have a lot of stands and almost everything you'd need, something about the ambiance just doesn't agree with us. We much prefer driving further to the Bethesda market on Sunday morning. It feels more intimate and personal.

      1. It's not very big, but I go to the Clarksburg Farmers Market every Sunday morning. We also live in Germantown.

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          small fry - I had no idea - it's 5 miles from my house! We'll go check that out, thank you so much for the info/link.

          Transplanted Texan and wasliche - I'll give the Kentlands another try. We're considering moving down there anyway, it would supremely convenient (and I do my shopping at WF anyway).

          Kind of in the same vein - does anyone know of any good co-ops or little markets in the Germantown or Gaithersburg area? My friends that live in Takoma Park always rave about their co-op, and I've been to the one in Silver Spring, but I haven't seen anything similar up here. I like MOM in Rockville, but it's a bit of a drive.

          Thanks again for all the great info!

          And OT, but thank you for the reminder - I forget about the "seasons" thing here - in CA our farmers market was year-round. This whole seasons thing is still new to me! :)

        2. You should give the Kentlands farmers' market another try. The produce vendor on the far right is not certified organic, but they don't use herbicides or pesticides. Their produce is very good. The produce/fruit vendor in the back isn't organic, but they have some interesting fruit one seldom finds, such as GREEN concord grapes and sugar plums. Their peaches were wonderful this year. The bakery vendor offers some really excellent breads and a good selection of pastries.

          It's easy to park, the vendors are very friendly, and it's not insanely crowded and hectic like the Rockville one on Saturday morning. The season is almost over though, so go soon!

          1. I live in Gaithersburg and go to Kentlands almost every week, although I have been curious about the Bethesda one since SO would be able to go. I agree about the vendor all the way to the right (the guy who just had the baby) I grilled him about his pesticide and fertilizer use and he didn't contradict himself at all... which to me is a sign of lying and will ensure that I won't buy from you. There's only a few produce vendors but the selection is pretty good - and what i don't find I can get at the WF 3 steps away.
            I didn't know about the one in Rockville. Is it bigger, and does it have meat/fish/cheese/etc? That's the one (large) category that I do wish Kentlands had...

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              The Rockville market is pretty large and does have a couple of meat vendors. I'm not sure about fish or cheese. Here is a link to the market's website. It lists all their vendors.