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Sep 23, 2009 11:41 AM

5 girls in mid-late 30s good food, good scene near bowery st area

Its my friends bday and we want to have good food, scene, etc near bowery. I tried for DBGB but couldn't get a res for this sat. Does anyone think Mercat is good and then maybe go to some places near there? thanks!

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    1. Stanton Social
      Freemans (if you can get one more person you can get a reservation and won't have to wait)

      1. I like Mercat a lot, although the last time I have been was in late 2008. Has a great vibe, but is more of a tapas restaurant than a bar scene (although there is a bar). Most people at the bar are just waiting to sit down in my experience. FYI there is a downstairs in Mercat.. may be closer, or farther, away from what you are looking for (its more intimate).

        Table 8 at Cooper Square opened. I was there recently and thought food was fine, not exceptional. A good, but small, bar scene at the bar adjacent to the restaurant / part of the hotel. On day I went (monday), neither the bar/restaurant were packed, but I was at bar for a drink a few months ago on a Thursday and it was buzzing without being too crowded.

        I recently had a drink at Double Crown.. there are tables there so I guess there is a restaurant there as well. Was there late on a Thursday and bar was packed (there is a "hidden" bar in the back as well).. I would call it a late 20s crowd that one time I was there. More divey than than other 2 options.

        I didn't like Gemma at all the first/only time I was there a year ago.. thought it was below average italian for premium prices, although in a beautiful space.

        Nolita can be considered as well (only a 5-10 min walk from DBGB) and you will find a whole host of new options there fitting the trendy/scene/good food vibe you are going for.

          1. Went to Mercat recently and enjoyed the food (and the drinks/wine). love the cuttlefish noodles and the grilled hanger steak. I'd go there in a heartbeat over DBGB or Table 8 or Gemma. can't go wrong w/Freemans and also a fan of Peasant a little further south.